Today's day was great for me.

Got 77% in JEE-1 test and also passed generic compre. I got 65% in generic compre. I knew that I may just pass or just fail and now i am very happy that i didnt get re-compre.

The general result is good for July 21 batch in compre. Only dumb people have failed and there are no upsets. Many people have got A. Overall, the result would be 80% approximately.

My stream compre is on next monday and wednesday.

And ya, i request people who are going to join soon to first go through

and then post questions if any. Most of the doubts are already answered and you will also find answers to others' doubts.

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  1. Alexina  
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  2. Unknown  

    hey man u doing a great job by updating us abt everything
    Can u please tell me abt internship
    wat is going to be done in it
    wat all r required n wat we hav to do

  3. Chintan Patel  


    ????? Didnt get what you are asking for...

    Please read all the posts from the link mentioned above in the post.

    And avoid asking general queries... Be more specific about what you want to know.

  4. Unknown  

    i am asking about wat is infosys internship
    i got selected for it and i dont hav a clue about it
    so plz help me out by giving some info

  5. Unknown  

    sorry to bother u
    internship is abt doing our final year project in infy .so i dont know anything abt wat it is in infy

  6. Unknown  

    Hi.. I m waitin 4 mine DOJ.. I wanna ask, if there is Gym for the training people in Infy Mysore..?

  7. Chintan Patel  


    Ohh.. that... So you are from 2009 batch...
    Ya, I know about it but dont know what it is...


    Ya, there is a Gym... Wonder why someone joining soon still doesnt know about it...

  8. Sriram  

    Will the Unix Module test in Generic be difficult?

  9. Adarsh  

    hi chintan,

    how come i have never seen you in campus?

    which hostel block are you in and where is your classroom?

  10. Adarsh  


    chintan, hope you dont mind me answering this

    Unix is not difficult if you understand the concepts, i only studied one night and got 90. One tip, dont just read the slides, practice and experiment. You have to do the same for C as well.

    But i failed in IWT a relatively simpler and theory module, so sometimes it just has to click well.

  11. Chintan Patel  


    UNIX is told to be tough but i didnt find it that tough. Cleared it just like any other module test.


    Thats no big deal. Even i have not met many people on my orkut friends' list even though we are in touch by email.

  12. VaRuN tEj  

    what are the subjects that they are going to teach?
    on what subjects do we have exams?

  13. Chintan Patel  


    You can read other posts for that info. You will be explained everything in the first week of training.

  14. badal  

    Chetan Sir, I want 2 know dat I've selected to infosys for KPO on 13th feb 2012 so after how many days I'll get my offer letter.what is NSR & what is the requirement of this.Is it mandatory at the time of training?

  15. Nandhini  

    Hi chetan sir,
    i was selected in infosys for IT in january 2012 but still i didnt get my offer letter. when i will get?

  16. Nandhini  

    Hi chetan sir,
    i was selected in infosys for IT in january 2012 but still i didnt get my offer letter. when i will get?

  17. nikhil  

    @Chintan Patel
    i have my joining on july 2012 and this blog is grt most my queries got solved my reading them, sir i had few query that is when we are in training (FTP) even then we will have holiday on SAT or we will have our classes.

    2)sir do u know how much infi charge for the facilities like gym, pool etc and the room they provide .

  18. Paras Kumar  

    Can you help me!! I was selected in January 2012 and i got my intent letter but they have not mentioned the joining date. Please help me. When will i get the joining date? Please help me!!

  19. Ashok Sudani  
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  20. Ashok Sudani  

    My Joining Data is 25th June but I extended it to 16th July, for this I have already confirmation mail from HR and my location is Hyderabad.
    As per mail id mention in offer letter for Accommodation, I sent mail on this id for arrangement of accommodation but I don’t get any replay. And also I sent mail to my contact person (mail id mention in offer letter) for contact person name at joining time and Address of joining location but I don’t get any response.

  21. Unknown  


    I was recruited by Infosys through Campus Interview last year but unfortunately couldnt grab the offer due to some personal problems. Is there any chance of joining the organisation with the same offer letter now?

    Thanks in Advance.

  22. Paras Kumar  

    Yup i got my date of joining!!

  23. Jaanvi  
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  24. jane  

    The selection criteria for the campus interview was 60%. i was selected and yesterday i also received a service agreement from infy. after my last sem percentage my total average percentage of all 6 sems has decreased. its 59.68%. am i still eligible? :( i really want to join infy. :(

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