Hi everyone...

A new post after a long time. Could not find time to post as my compre was around and i also had my Oracle retest. I was also ill for half a week.

Anyways, my stream compre went OK. There were no disasters this time. I felt that Hands On was a bit tougher than the theory portion but many people feel otherwise.

In my Oracle retest in which i had to get 93 to pass as I had a zero in the project portion didnt go too well and i scored only 54. Anyways, 93 is impossible to get in any retest.

So now i am in a delicate position as far as my CGPA goes. I need a B+ in stream compre (that is 73 and above) to make my CGPA above 4.00 . If I get a B, my CGPA would be 3.95. And that means I will have to leave Infy.

Now that stream compre is over, I can only wait and watch and hope for the best. Otherwise I will have to look at other career options. Now please dont panic hearing this. Dont ask me repeated questions like "Is training too tough?" and all..

Its not that tough, but I became easygoing somewhere and that has led to all this mess. So dont take training for granted at any time.

16 reactions, what do you say?

  1. ashish  

    all the best yaar...
    hope u clear training with flying colors..

    best of luck..

    yaha to joining hi nahi aayi abtak saali..

  2. Unknown  

    Hello chintan
    can't u be excused for 0.05 as u hav 3.95 CGPA
    But hope u get B+

  3. manu  

    wish u best of luck yar
    be positive, u'll sure get B+ ;)

  4. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you...


    No, even .01 is not allowed. Even 3.99 is not enough for them I have heard. So better be all clear by ourselves and not rely on them.

    Thank you...

  5. Prashant  

    My best wishes with u chintan

  6. Unknown  

    don worry god s wid u always
    work hard u can u make it

  7. Chintan Patel  

    @Prashant and Dazzlling...

    Thank you...
    I have already worked hard.. Now i can do nothing but wait for the results...

  8. mayank jaggi  

    dude dnt wry...u gonna rock...u wil gt an a...dnt wry...........

  9. Unknown  

    u will surely make it...we all will pray for u...god bless

  10. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan
    we r eager to know ur results
    what happend dude???
    Is everything okk

  11. Chintan Patel  

    Thank you everyone...

    Results are not yet out. I will post about it when it comes. Even 14th july people are waiting for their stream compre results.

  12. Unknown  

    hope u clear it chintan,my best wishes wid u.....feelin v dejected 2 hear this..u helped us a lot.

  13. jane  

    The selection criteria for the campus interview was 60%. i was selected and yesterday i also received a service agreement from infy. after my last sem percentage my total average percentage of all 6 sems has decreased. its 59.68%. am i still eligible? :( i really want to join infy. :(

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