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  1. Anonymous  

    I want to ask that
    1)Do the assignments have any marks alloted?
    2)What is the division of marks (100 marks) for each tests in each modules?
    I mean to say like 70 marks(objective type Qns)& rest 30 marks for lab...... like this type of division of marks.
    3)Is the marks of Module tests are added with the marks of Compre test?

    What will happen if anybody fails to complete all the assignments & submit?
    Will he be sacked?
    The subject in all the modules are not in the compre exam? I mean to say that all the modules are not in the compre exam for Long cycle people?

  2. Chintan Patel  

    I have answered ur repeated questions on the post you asked...

    No... Submissions are not that serious.. You can submit it on the next day also.. Its just that the batch owner wud know that you are doing ur work..

    No, you are wrong. All the subjects (modules) are included in the compre..

  3. Anonymous  

    Hi Patel,
    You are doing a splendid job.My DOJ is 25th aug(Mysore) amd the query is in the accomadation mail they have asked to submit the details regarding Vaccination.Is this mandatory to submit?

  4. Giri  

    wats dat long queue for ?

  5. Chintan Patel  


    That looong queue is for tickets to Sing is Kinng.. And its a normal sight here if the movie for the weekend is good..

  6. Giri  

    lol.. cant we buk in advance ?? hehe :P

  7. Chintan Patel  

    No advance booking and have to go to get your own tickets... ;-)

  8. Prajwal Panchmahalkar  

    My date of joining is 30th Dec 2012, I have one offer letter which I got after 4-5 weeks after my interview, stating my package and DOJ, however didnt get my second offer letter. I also didnt accept e-joining before the said date however i accepted it after the notice date...wonder what should i do? please help

  9. tigerghost  

    1.How should i get in the fast track?
    2.What type of Questions are there for fast track are they from training or other?
    3.If i am in the fast track and i am unable to cope up then will they put me in the long cycle?
    4.What is the time period for fast track and long cycle?
    5.According to you Long cycle or fast track which is best?

  10. Chintan Patel  


    Why would they send you 2 offer letters?

    All e-joining related problems can be solved after joining.


    1. Explained in a later post.
    2. Question pool for exams are the same for fast track and long cycle.
    3. Yes.
    4. Fast track is about 1-1.5 months shorter than long cycle.
    5. If you want to have training completed quickly, go for fast track.

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