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Yesterday we had a special oppurtunity to interact with our CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan. It was a one hour meeting arranged only for our batch. Maybe it was for our batch because we are about to complete training and are not too busy right now.

In his address, he talked about the global recession and its effect on Infosys. He said that global recession was not anticipated by anyone and it has affected every major MNC. He agreed that there will be a decrease in revenue for our company as the major banks in the US who are our premier clients are undergoing a tough time but he added that we are looking for newer untapped markets.

In the interactive session, the inevitable question popped up. One of my colleagues asked straightforwardly, "Are there going to be any jobcuts?". The quick answer that Kris gave was a clear "No" which was applauded by all in the hall. He said that "Recession is predicted to get over by 2009 so there is no change in hiring plans till then. We would only consider jobcuts if the recession goes furthur till 2010. Mostly trainees are put on bench right now but we are hiring for the long term".

So people from 2008 and 2009 batches dont need to worry.

He also spoke about letting Axon go to HCL. He said, "We made a bid which we thought to be a proper price for Axon. But after HCL placed a counterbid, we re-evaluated Axon and thought that it is not worth raising the earlier bid. So there was no counterbid placed and Axon went to HCL". He added that they have a large cash reserve of $ 2 billion are still looking for aquisitions in US, Europe, Japan etc.

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  1. Unknown  

    thanx fr tat info buddy!

  2. krishna  

    hi chintan.....
    nice work..
    y don't you ask abt PIT ??
    till now,there is no statement from Infy side regarding PITs.

  3. Chintan Patel  


    I think that would be too small a question to ask to CEO. Noone asked anything about training. It was all about what Infosys is doing at the corporate level to fight recession..

  4. Unknown  

    Hi chintan...
    I jus wanna know dat didnt any1 amongst u ask him about d doj of d remaining 2000 people waiting for it so long.
    When are they planning to give them a call. We r d unlucky 2000 among dose 18k placed by infosys, still waiting.
    This ling wait sucks.........

  5. Chintan Patel  


    Like i said, these are too small questions to ask a CEO.

    And anyways, they dont tell anything concrete even in official emails... They only give "tentative" joining dates..

  6. Unknown  

    Dear Chintan

    These questions might appear trivial to all those who have got their doj and are undergoing training at the campus. But they are really a matter of concern for those waiting and it has aggrevated due to the present global crisis and its effect on the major MNCs..
    And for ur knowledge Infosys is at 6th position among the top 7 members of the elite club bearing maximum losses due to this global breakdown...
    Top notch companies like Wipro, IBM, Satyam have done tremendous job cuts till now.
    Yestrday i got a news dat Wipro has asked 08 recruits to join its BPO section for 18 months or else leave the company...

    So my dear Chintan, its really a matter of chinta for we people waiting for our calls over here.

  7. Ipshita Khare  

    hii chintan..hws lyf?..cud u pls tell which are the batches leavng in dec n arnd how many ppl are there?its just that due to accomodation prob in infy v are not beng called...thnks in advance.

  8. Chintan Patel  


    I can understand the frustration of someone like you who is waiting for her DOJ since long but still i dont think its the right question to ask to a CEO. I dont think he might even be knowing about when they are calling batches.

    But be assured that Infosys wont layoff anyone after issuing offer letters to them. I have already clarified this in the post. Wipro, IBM L&T, Tech Mahindra etc are not in the same league when it comes to ethical behavior as Infosys is.

    IBM is the worst of all for freshers...


    Life is good here.. batches from 14, 21 and 28 july will leave in dec. I dont know for sure what is the prob because all that is decided at Bangalore HQ and even the HR here wont know about that...

  9. Unknown  

    What happened to ur compre results?? i expect a postive result frm u. I heard the exams r tougher these days. Is it so??

  10. Arunav  

    Well Chintan I guess results for your batch are out. Wont you mind if I ask you to post your final total grade point out of 5.

    I think I sud n't be asking you but still can you provide any info regarding the DOJ of the rest of the candidates. Its really frustrating now to sit and wait for DOJ.

  11. Chintan Patel  

    @Anamika and Arunav...

    I will post about our compre result tomm... I am composing the post.

    Its ok, you can ask for that...

    No one can tell you anything about your DOJ.. You just have to wait and watch.. But it will come soon, i guess...

  12. Unknown  

    Thnx chintan. But pls do tel me if the exams r gettin tougher- which inturn means higher eliminations. I'm really worried!!

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