Hi everyone,

I want to tell you all that i cudnt manage to get 73% in stream compre. I scored 67% in it. And that means i will soon be asked to leave Infosys. My end CGPA is 3.95.

Our compre was unusually tough. 60 people have failed from total 300 in Java stream and there are very less people who have managed to get an A. People have got good marks in Hands On but there are hardly a few people who have scored above 30 in theory. I have 41 in Hands On and 26 in theory. Mostly theory marks are about the same for all and its the Hands On marks that decide the grade. But ya, people have got a lesser grade than their average throughout training. There were many people who had CGPA above 4.95 but now, i think only about 1 in 20 has CGPA above 4.95.

On the contrary, the results of .NET compre have been good. About 9 people have failed in stream compre out of 100. And there are more people who have scored A in their class.

One thing to note here is that Batch Owner makes a difference. .NET people were lucky to have a good batch owner who gave good grades to those who needed it to stay at Infosys. Our batch owner is not a good guy. He has never increased marks of any student. He just uploads the marks that Java dept. gives him. I met him 3 times to tell him about my issue and also emailed him as he said but in the end, he didnt do anything. Batch Owners have the authority to increase marks if they want.

Anyways, now its final that I will not be at Infosys. Just some formalities are left. The marks for POST project are yet to be uploaded after which the system will send an automatic mail to those whose CGPA is less than 4 stating that, "you have been refered to HR for exit procedures."

I will leave for home within a week. I would have surely liked to stay with this company but now i will have to look at other options.

So people, dont screw your training. Be careful and dont become easy going like me during training.

And Anamika, you are right. Everyone here has a feeling that they are making exams tougher so that they can fire unwanted number of people. I too am of the same opinion.

As i said before, the exit rate used to be not more than 10% before but now i think it would be around 15-20%.

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  1. Varun Bathla  

    hey chintan........u hv been a source of inspiration 4 ppl lyk me waiting 4 doj..
    now u r leaving......
    bt wht went wrong??????
    is j2ee compre being made tougher 4 all batches???
    wht abt result of other sreams lyk open systems....mainframes

  2. Chintan Patel  


    its not that tough but i became easy going and got a D in 2 modules(in their retests also) so thats what made all the difference. If i even had C in one of them, then too i would have been safe.

    Our batch doesnt have OS or MF streams..

  3. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan!

    M shocked at all dis........

    Is there any way for u to stay with d company, if so plz luk for a source..

    We dnt wanna lose a gud frnd like u!!

  4. Unknown  

    Its really a shocking news .....
    Hope ur GOOD LUCK will work
    best of luck dear friend........

    sharad tripathi

  5. Unknown  

    Sorry friend.......
    Best of Luck for ur future........
    if u have anyways to stay pls stay friend...pls try.....

  6. Unknown  

    Hey chintan!! I'm sorry for what happened to u. I had wished tat u shud clear it all!! I'm so afraid what's gonna happen to us!! God only must save us!!! Chintan, this is not the end. I'm sure u'l get into another good company and come out with flying colors!! All the best dude!!

  7. Unknown  

    I am shocked Chintan.

    You will surely get a good job soon...all the best buddy

  8. Chintan Patel  

    @SK.. , @John..

    Ya, i am still trying... Meeting batch owner and HR everyday but i dont think anything will work now.. Thank you.


    Thank you... But i think my luck has exhausted now..


    No prob, you dont need to be sorry for that... It happens.. And you dont need to be afraid by this.. People who fail in training are mostly from BioTech or Mech which are completely unrelated..

    Thank you for your wishes...

  9. Unknown  

    Man r u being sarcastic r what???? How r u so sure that u will be thrown out of the trainin.

  10. Chintan Patel  


    Its final... Just marks of POST project need to be uploaded and i will get an email for exit procedure...

  11. greyfox_007  

    hey chintan!! we are sorry for u...but we pray a bright future for ur good soul...

  12. Unknown  

    hi chintan... feeling soory 4 u yaar!!... i dont knw u personally bt my heart says u dont deserve this...tell me friend did u take the training so lightly??!!.. so frnd lot many opportunities r there in life .. best luck 4 whatever u like to persue from here on!!..

  13. Unknown  

    hi chitan,
    u helped as a lot for the past four or five months... i feel sorry for u... but dont lose ur hope.. u will surely find any other good oppurtunity.. nothing will end here.. so be confident and u will surely suceed in life.. if one door locked then other is opening.. think this. all the best for ur bright future..

  14. Sai Manohar  

    Dear chintan,
    u have been a great help for those who wanted to know abt the training. wat hpnd to the so called condensed long cycle? dont get disheartened, u will definitely find a better opportunity and my best wishes for your future.

  15. Midhun Harikumar  

    Hey dude, i am terribly shocked at this news. I ve been following ur blogs for sometime now. This is hard to digest. Im also waiting for the DOJ . well, im speechless. Hope there is a way for u to stay at Infy. Dont get depressed if things dont go right dude. Believe that theres something far better coming your way... All The best ...............

  16. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan!!!
    Plz mention d date of ur batch i mean ur doj.....
    Dear friend i have got a confim newz about d extension of training period of 14th july batch to 2 months more for their training in the INFY's s\w FINNACLE. So now dose people will have to stay for 2 months more in mysore.
    So there were speculations for their batch leavin in Dec which has come to an end....
    So d accommodation problem still persists in mysore and further delay in our dojs....
    I have got this newz from my friend under training in 22nd Septb batch.

    Is ur training period also extended, PLZ CONFIRM THIS NEWZ from ur sources...


  17. Chintan Patel  


    thank you..


    thank you... lets hope i find something better...


    thank you...

    @Sai Manohar..

    That was for those trainees who fail to clear fast track...

    Thank you..


    There is no way left now.. Still meeting high authority people like dept heads and HRs but i know nothing will work..

    i am from july 21..

    ya, i know about that.. My training is not extended..

    And everyone will have some training after they pass stream training.. And if you get IVS or Finacle as business unit, then the training is at mysore.. For IVS its 1 month extra...

    For other business units, you will be trained at your posting locations...

  18. Loving Father  

    Dear Chintan Patel

    Remember me? Father of my beloved Pooja who had a tragic end of life at Infy campus just two months back.

    I just happen revisit your blog today (actually to check-up the follow-ups on my post) and was shocked to find that you would be leaving Infosys.

    I am deeply saddened. But do not loose heart & mind. Working in Infosys is not everything. I am sure God has planned something better for you.

    Chintan, life is like that....just when we think everything is going nice, something shakes you up. One has to face everything that the God Almighty gives. No escape...No point in looking back....Life must go on...This is what I have experienced in last two months after loss of Pooja.

    My blessings and best wishes for your career & your life. You have been a source of help to everyone. Keep it up.

    May God Bless you...!

    Basant Patel

  19. Unknown  

    hi frnd..
    i am a regular reader of ur blog.u hav been of gr8 help and a source of inspiration to people like me.what happened to u has really saddened me.dont worry.this is not everything.god has some better things for u in reserve.continue blogging.wish u success in all ur ventures.gud luck

  20. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you... Ya, i will continue blogging...

  21. Unknown  

    hi chintan........
    i m a regular reader of yr blog n u hav been a great help 4 people like us......who r waitin 4 dojz from a long tym....

    its really bad dat u r leavin infosys........
    but hey dere just remember life is full of ups n downs......n destiny might b havin sum better options den infy 4 u.......
    n y r potential enough 2 build a great future 4 yrself.....previously infy was giviv u such path.......but now u find out dat path 4 yrself...
    so in dis regard its really a hard time 4 u......still dude think what u hav 2 do now....n fight bravely......
    n u hav loads of wishes followin u.......so warrior just dont worry.......achhe logon ke sath kabhi bura nahi hota......
    wish u all d best 4 yr new beginnin........

  22. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you for your warm wishes...

  23. Chintan Patel  

    @Basant Patel...

    Ya, i remember you, sir..

    Thank you for your wishes...

  24. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  25. Unknown  

    Iam yet to join infosys.
    I havent undertaked the online training of infy as i had jaundice. Will i not be permitted to join as i failed to take online training.Or can i make it up by scoring well in the trainings at mysore.

    My eligibility For infy was 63% in BTech.But i hav only 61%.Will i be allowed to join infy if i plead my case with HRor will i be kicked out.

  26. Chintan Patel  


    They are very strict with % criteria..
    Even .1 % less is not allowed...

    So you too wont be allowed to continue your training even if you join.. .

  27. gf  


    Very sad news about your traiining.Dont worry and keep your hope high and you will succeed.All the very best.

    Did they give any certificate for the undergone training and 2 months salary???


  28. gf  


    I have to take Generic Compre retest.Will the grade change to B or depends on the marks what we score?

  29. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you...

    They will give experience certificate and 1 months salary..


    In re-tests you can score maximum B no matter how much you score...

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