Hi friends, today was officially the last working day for me at Infosys. The results for POST were uploaded today and so, as i said, my CGPA became 3.95 and hence i got mail from HR asking to meet him. When i went there, i was asked to give my id card and sign some papers and i saw some 15-20 id cards already there with him. But i said i will come tomorrow and i was informed by him that tomorrow i will have to check out from the hostels by evening.

Today we had a Group Discussion and some stupid ILI english tests. Packing yet to be done. Have to book a flight also. And also they refused a one day extension of accommodation and said that it would be on guest charge which is 1000 Rs per day which i found to be very rude. But leave it.. Cant do anything about it.. So its good bye Infy tomorrow.

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  1. ashish  

    oye koi gal nahi oye..
    sab changa ho jawega kuch dino me...
    aish karo paaji...

  2. Chintan Patel  


    ya, ab to aish hi karni hai.. :P

  3. Aditya Seth  

    i have been following this blog from starting when u joined infosys
    but the funny part is that i am still waiting for joining date!!! and has been extended til feb- Mar 2008
    yaar its a part of life
    and still in this 4 months i think u will have a lot of things which will help u 2 become a successful person.
    so be +ive and take life as as it comes
    i will be still following ur blog....
    Best of Luck for future

  4. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you.. Ya, they are extending DOJs like crazy...

  5. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!
    Dont get disheartened at this, jus keep trying for somethin better.....
    M still waitin for my doj and m from CS background.
    Plz tell me is ur batch leaving mysore as their training is finished. If so how many students are leaving d hostel.
    It would ease some pressure from their training centre leaving place for we people still waiting......

  6. Unknown  

    hey chintan......
    u r a great person dude........
    just forget evrything now.......n move on.......destiny is havin sumthin much better den infy 4 u........
    so just chill now n think what next ..........

  7. Unknown  

    why it so happened chintan
    Its really unexpected d unbelievable.
    r u from nonIT background but i dont think so
    Its really a bad news for all of us!!!!!!

  8. Chintan Patel  


    Ya, I am fine, dont worry... Everyone from 21 july batch hav either left or will leave today... There would be about 400 people leaving in these 2 days. And i dont think your DOJ is directly related to availability of hostels. I know of some hostel blocks which are vacant since last 1 month.


    Ya, I am ok with it.


    I am from mech. And my failing doesnt imply that you all will fail also..

  9. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan..

    Hw r u doing??
    It happens.. dnt worry..I also didnt go for my CLC...still on leave. So u got the training certificate n advance salary???

  10. Chintan Patel  


    Hi.. i am fine...

    I will get it next month..

  11. Unknown  

    hi chintan !!!!
    u r really helped us a lot...dude dont lose heart bcoz wen god take something from ur hand it doesnt mean it takes sumthing frm u .it means it leaves u empty handed 2 get sumthing better dan dat....keep smiling...

  12. Unknown  

    yar i have a confusion..could u plz ans me...my DOJ is 7 dec ..nd m frm North ..m really confused which type of clothes we have 2 tk dere...actually i dnt knw abt weather at mysore in dec...but in noeth we gonna wear winter clothes...so wat should i do?? plz help me out....we have 2 carry winter clothes dere???
    Waiting 4 ur rep.....

  13. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you will need winter clothes there. For more info on what to take with you, read "Important Checklist for People Joining Soon".

  14. Unknown  

    what is the marking procedure in tests.
    yeah i know about cgpa
    but they only give result in percentage

    and what is compre?

  15. Chintan Patel  


    65%-72% = 4.0 CGPA
    73%-79% = 4.5 CGPA
    80% and above = 5.0 CGPA.

    Did you ask what is compre???? Please read some more posts and you will find your answer...

  16. Killa  

    Hi Chintan Patel... Why was this your last working day... Did you leave the job or you got filtered out of the training process... Please reply as soon as possible...

  17. Killa  

    Sorry dude.. I get it now... You are such a great person, may god bless you in future...

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