Hi friends,

I am now back to home. Enjoying homemade food. Everyone here says i have lost some weight out of the little that i had. Probably because i had skipped many meals at Mysore.

Anyways, i am writing this post to tell you people that this blog will still go on and you will still find content and news about infosys which you wont find anywhere.

I just observed that there has not been a single comment in the last 2 days that i told about my leaving Infosys. Maybe, it is because there are no doubts left. :P

And ya, one important thing. Infosys has now announced that they wont be going to recruit freshers from campuses passing out in 2010. They will call people whom they have already issued offer letters but no more fresh recruits. This is because bench strength is already great at Infosys.

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  1. Unknown  

    oyee Chintan U r rocking 4ever in Infy Community...chill..n nw u njoy at home Rajkot jindabad...good n v r yt in DOJ waitin list...hey chintan.. Mital ur clgmate cleared her test/...wer is she rite nw...means postin...yt in mysore or elsewer

  2. Chintan Patel  


    She has stream re-compre to clear... Dont know about her posting... I think she has got Bangalore..

  3. Unknown  

    chill yaar................

  4. Unknown  

    hey chintan............infy is not life.......can u tell wat r d various streams available there...............wat is mainframe..................n mostly students get which stream, hw is our roommate chosen...........?????????

  5. Chintan Patel  


    Ya, i know.. Not too worried about it...

    There are many streams: Java, .NET, Finacle, Open Systems, IMS (which has 3 sub types: IMS Unix, IMS Windows, IMS Networking), PLES etc.

    Mainframes includes mainly Database concepts and COBOL programming in which even students from CS/IT find everything new.

    There is no such stream which most students get. People from different DOJs have different streams.

    Choosing roommate is purely random but boys dont have to worry as mostly they get single bed rooms..

  6. Unknown  

    Sometimes god leaves you empty handed so you can receive something better...im sure u've learnt a lot frm ur stay in infy n it'll only help u improve...i dont feel sorry for u pal or sympathize with u simply bec no matter how bad it feels rite now, im sure u know u r worth a lot more
    i cudnt thank u enuf for the much u've done for hundreds just like me...god bless u...

  7. Unknown  

    u mean like we will b getting doj in..feb..which streams can we get..........

  8. mayank jaggi  

    dude v dint mesg u coz vr also sad fr u...u hv hlpd us alot...so ths is sme vry bad news fr us tht u nt thr...coz u wer our biggest support.....nd v r wid u foevr ...i dnt knw bout othrs bt ur like a bro to me....god hs smethng btr fr u..im sure....dnt evr feel alne...all of us r wid u...

  9. Unknown  

    hello chintan...
    i m a 2009 joinee....the news about freezng the hiring has created lots of confussion...
    i dnt knw wat the statement xactly means and for whch yr they wl freeze recruitmnt.till date we havent received ne mail or our offer letter frm INFY???
    can u put sme light to ths matter.....and is there ne point of worries for us??(2009 pass-outs)

  10. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you for your wishes...


    Do you think I would be knowing that???


    Ohh.. thank you... really feel happy after reading that..


    It simply means that Infosys will call people to whom they have recruited from your batch but they wont go for campus interviews to recruit people from 2010 passout batch... you dont have to worry about that. if infosys has selected you, you will surely get the offer letter.

  11. Unknown  

    @ Chintan Patel

    Hi dude don't worry for infi job surely u will get better one. One of my senior got oracle after fucked up from infi trng so dont worry.

    I am currently working in tcs and just completed my j2ee training but i was selected in infi too through on-campus and still didnt got infi doj. Your blog kept me attached with infi...

    I m in tcs but my heart will always remain with infi becoz i hv lived ur training life through ur blog..........

  12. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you.. Lets hope i get a good one in these tough times.. Not many companies are taking in freshers...

    I wish i get into TCS ahmdbad..

    Your last line is really inspiring..

  13. Unknown  

    @ dis is shipra again........
    hey chintan......
    u r a mechie.........me a mechie 2........u were from which coll......
    n do we really need to study sum software related thing before joinin........as me still waitin 4 my joinin.......so plz giv me sum guidelines regarding dis............

  14. Unknown  

    n yes one more thing.......i really like people who help others [like u]n r optimistic in lyf........so plz b like dis throughout......u really rock man.........

  15. Abhi Ananth  

    hey this is the first time i am posting here..i have been following this blog since past 2 months..i have been placed in infy n am in final yr.will be passing out in 2009.

    all i want to say is u have done a gr8 job.hats off to u ! i am sure u will have a great future !
    all the best !

  16. Chintan Patel  


    Study C language as well as you can... That will be enough b4 training..

    Thank you.... I really like praises... :P


    Thank you..

  17. Anonymous  

    you have writen here that infy wont be recruiting the 2010 batch people, is that true till date........ ?? Means we wont be getting oppurtunities to be recruted by infy........??
    Its a major recruiter in my college

  18. Chintan Patel  


    That is what infosys has said this year. But if they get good business, they may recruit you when you are in 7th or 8th sem. No 5th and 6th sem recruitments now. They will go for just-in-time recruitments instead of making offers 1 year before graduation like it always did.

  19. manimeghalai  

    u rock..u really rock..
    n yeah nowhere eles can anybody find such info about infy.
    wish u success ahead

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