I forgot to tell you people one thing that from 21 July batch, mostly all trainees got posting to a DC which is nearest to their home town. People from Gujarat and Pune got Pune and people from Bengal got posted to BBSR though many of them wanted Pune.

Your posting also depends on the stream you are in. For example, there is no posting from .NET stream to Pune. All of them are either Chennai or Bangalore even if they are from Gujarat or Pune or Bengal. So their requirement is the primary parameter and your native place is the secondary parameter deciding your posting.

One news for committed couples joining Infosys is that if you have got a bad posting location and want to change, you can get married and you will be given posting at DC of your choice. You just have to show them a marriage certificate. :P

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  1. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan!!!
    Its really a gud newz for we North Indians. We really struggle down South due to langage and food problem.
    Thanx for dis Happy Newz!!!!

  2. Midhun Harikumar  

    lolz, produce marriage certificates ... now thats something to look forward to for some people at least ........

  3. Chintan Patel  


    Ya, its good news but dont expect the same to happen to you. Things can change by the time your joining and posting comes.

    But ya, people from Haryana from our batch got posting as Chandigarh.

  4. Sree Bhargavi  

    hehe..gud news chintan :d

  5. nikita  

    thnx fr d info.Chintan:)

  6. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    How much time it will take to change one DC to another in infosys... If i will submit marriage certificate in next one month..

  7. Unknown  


    I have joined chennai infosys DC and when i asked to HR person they told me that their is not any marriage certificate policy in INFOSYS.. and i cant change my DC to pune either i submit my marriage certificate to them.. is it true?? Kindly Update..

  8. Unknown  


    Please respond to my doubts. i am waiting for your reply..Thank you....

  9. Chintan Patel  


    For that both you and your wife need to be working for infosys prior to marriage. You cant just marry and change your DC.

    Ofcourse the rule does not exist on their policy papers but its understood that they rather change location of 2 employees than losing them both to another company.

    Anyways, I still maintain that an HR at mysore told about this to 2 friends of mine who are going to marry each other.They too had the same problem: Posted to chennai, wanted pune. HR suggested them that they can change their DC easily after they get married and present a marriage certificate.

    And give me atleast 3 days time to reply. I am very busy at my job.

  10. Unknown  

    thank u very much chaitan,
    Actually i have written some wrong information above bymistake..
    My fiancee is in in infosys chennai and wants to Pune because i am in pune(i am not working in infosys)... If she submit our marriage certicate to there HR persone then can they people change her location(Because if a girl submit her marriage certificate any of the company change there location where she wants..)

  11. Chintan Patel  


    You didnt do it by mistake.. You cud have said the truth straightaway.

    As i said, its not possible if both people are not working for infosys.

  12. Unknown  

    is there any other way to change her location?? from One DC to another??

  13. Unknown  

    hi chaitan,
    Is there any TRANSFER policy in Infosys for changing the job location??

  14. Chintan Patel  


    Ohh... Ask her to inquire about it with HRs. I dont know more than them.

    I think once you are allotted a DC after training, you cant change for about 1 yr.

    And my name is C-H-I-N-T-A-N.

  15. Unknown  

    Okay Thx CHINTAN....
    Really u r providing very very useful information.. gr8 work BOSS....

  16. Unknown  

    heyyyyyyyy chintan.....my fiancee works in tcs bhubaneswar....i am 2 join the training f infosys tis october.....is there any chance f getin posted 2 bhubaneswar dc ??....what shuld I do 4 it??....and by the way...i got thru at infy by placement frm my college at bhubaneswar itself...

    plzzzzzzzzzzz reply.....thanksss sooooooo mch beforehand !!

  17. Chintan Patel  


    When your training is about to end, you will be allotted to a Business Unit of infosys at a particular DC. You can then swap your DC with someone who has got BBSR as their place of posting. Mostly, it would be an easy swap because there wont be so many people wanting to be placed at BBSR.

    For more info, read this post: http://allaboutinfosys.blogspot.com/2009/07/how-infosys-posts-its-trainees-to.html

    This post will tell you everything.

  18. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan,
    You are doing a great job. My doj is sept 29.I am a non cs-it student.I have attended the campus connect programme and done a course on Java as well. But i am worried about my typing speed as I type really slow. What would you say should be the average typing speed for a programmer.
    THanks in advance...

  19. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry about your typing speed. You wont face any difficulty due to it.

    If your brain works fast enough, then you are safe. Even in compre, you are free to copy/paste from other projects that you have on your PC so as long as you know what to do, you should be fine.

  20. Unknown  

    Sorry to bother you again. But i am trying to improve my typing speed and was looking for a specific speed (wpm) that I could work towards. I don't mean in terms of clearing the training but just the speed that a programmer(not necessarily an infosys one) is supposed to have. If you could give me a specific value....

  21. Chintan Patel  


    You are putting your effort in the wrong direction.

    You will not find any programmers discussing their typing speeds.

    No one measures what WPM they have.

    Typing speed just doesnt affect anything in terms of your career as a software engineer.

  22. Unknown  

    sir, just now I heard that Infy has hiked the wages for all its employees??Is it true?if then, will it be applicable to Freshers also??what is the pay hike?

  23. Chintan Patel  


    At Infosys, salary hike happens every year in April and October for existing employees.

    For freshers, the package will remain the same that was announced to you in the campus interview.

  24. Unknown  

    Hey i have just been selected in INFOSYS from Mumbai.....some of my friends in other colleges have got the call letter which states that training would begin in MAY in the college for 2 months with regular tests and a project ...only then u will be invited to Mysore centre for further training.
    I find it really frustrating and difficult...bcoz our being DEEMED university (unlike Mumbai university which finishes in june)would finish college by April and we have to leave hostel. Also why so many rounds of selection to get a 3.25 lakh job.

  25. Unknown  

    I m sorry, i know u can't answer that wat i actually mean is this news ti have got through commmon friends...i wanted to confirm it if actually such a policy is being implemented? Are u aware of it.

  26. Chintan Patel  


    Such training system was also started for 2008 batch but as far as i can recall, all of them had to also undergo the regular training from beginning and so the college training did not have any worth. Also, it was not in college but at home where they made you appear for tests online.

    So many rounds of selection BECAUSE it is a 3.25 lakh job and they spend more than that on you in training alone.

    Actually, it was done for only those people whose DOJ was going to be very late (dec/jan or afterwards) and not for most. So if Infosys is going to have that for you, they will inform you about it. Do not believe it will also happen to you because it happened to people at some other colleges.

  27. Unknown  

    Hi I am Ravindra..my DOJ is july19.my questn is 1 when do Infosys wil conduct health check up
    2 Is eye vision(sight) a constraint for joining. If yes whats the power they do consider.

  28. Chintan Patel  


    They dont conduct health checkup but they just ask to bring certificates from a list of institutions they approve of which noone does and is not so necessary.

    Eye sight is fine. There is no such rule for needing a particular minimum power.

  29. Unknown  

    Hi chintan. thanks for ur reply. today i got mail from infy regarding getting health certificate from a list of hospitals. May i know wats the approximate amount tat it wil cost to do all the tests that tey mentioned in mail n tey have mentioned it as mandatory.

  30. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think it is actually needed. None of us had any medical certificate when we joined and i think it still is the same. So dont take it too seriously. Have them if its convenient for you otherwise no big deal. You can get better idea about this if you ask to people who have joined recently as they would be having the latest information about this.

  31. Aldon M. Mylliem  

    Hey Chintan..
    Ur blog is a godsend..
    Nyway, my present address is in Pune but my permanent address is in Meghalaya..
    Wat wud be my chances of getting posted in Pune??
    Is der ANYTHING I can do to increase my chances..

  32. Chintan Patel  


    Although they do try to give you posting as near to your home town as possible but you cant be sure about it and there is nothing you can do about it. At most, you can try to swap with someone after getting posting if your posting is not Pune.

  33. Aldon M. Mylliem  

    Thanks a lot man..

    The thing about d laptops sucks though.. An IT firm doin dat is kinda ludicrous..
    Hope dey take it easy on us..
    Nyway thanks n best of luck 2 u in watevr u r doin..

  34. Anonymous  

    If somebody has already been transffered then can the person change his/her location giving medical certification??

  35. cherry  

    this may sound silly to u.,
    what is meant by DC?

  36. Chintan Patel  


    Just "medical certification" is not enough. They will verify the reason by their own hospital. If its a valid reason, you can be transferred but its totally up to them.


    It means Development Center. :)

  37. vasu  

    hii chintan...after infosys training my fiancee has got placed in B'lore. they have not placed him according to DC as he is form hissar, haryana.so is there any transfer policy?
    so that he cud bet palced in Chandigarh.plzz rply asap...thnx before hand...

  38. Chintan Patel  


    He must have tried for a swap but it requires an exact match with the technology that he got trained in.

    Other than a swap, it is not possible. Read "How Infosys posts trainees to various locations" for more details about it.

  39. Tushar  

    People trained in which stream get posted to Pune DC ?

    And u said in 1 post dat swappin is almost impossible for 1 year. So can one transfer his job location after a period of 1 year to a location of his choice?

  40. Chintan Patel  


    Nowadays, almost all work is done at all DCs and so the lines have blurred.

    You can keep requesting for a job location change and if the company finds it possible, they will allow you to do it.

  41. the 737  

    Hi Chintan,
    If both wife and husband work for infosys prior to marriage , can husband take transfer to wife's dc showing marriage certificate?


  42. Aashish Jadhav  

    hi i am Rajan i have the following query
    1.is eye sight a constraint for joining..
    2.i m really worried as my eye vision number being on the higher side
    will they reject me as per their health policy

    kindly help

  43. ravi  

    hai I am ravi, I stay in bangalore, my training at mysore starts from sept 24th.
    my father is a paralyzed patient handicapped.
    After training, is there a chance of posting in bangalore itself on request?

  44. deepak  

    but preference will be given if a candidate has any valid medical reason not their parents!
    and it`l be verified by the authorized docs!

  45. Unknown  

    Hello sir....I got selected in infosys n my doj is 19 sept...actually i want to knw about life after training in infosys...coz they will post u anywhere.. it will nt be my first preference... so what about accomodations there..??? n is it safe for girls there...??? plz do reply..

  46. Priya Kannan  

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  47. Ravishekar  

    Hi, My wife completed her training and she got joining location Hyderabad, as i am working in bangalore what she has to do now, is it better to join hyderabad and apply for transfer? or do we need to request for change of location before reporting to hyderabad so that she can stay on bench and try out for alternative projects in bangalore. Please suggest.

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