Today we had to go to the multiplex again in the morning and we had sessions from some people from the canteen committee, HR department and from the life coach Chaya here. Remember, Infosys is the only company in India to have its own life coach. You will enjoy that session. Those people who had brought the service agreement (Hard Copy of Call Letter) submitted it today.

We also came to know that Infosys has an Apollo Hospital on the campus. Its a 24x7 hospital.

One more thing that made us feel very good about Infosys is that we can call Infosys immediately if we meet with any accident in the city or any nearby picnic places. Here there is an ambulance ready round the clock. There have been incidents of people getting into trouble at the nearby water bodies when on picnic.

One more secret never revealed before: Soon a discotheque will be opening on the campus so DJ nights will not be only on every alternate thursday but everyday!!!

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  1. Unknown  

    gr8 going dude
    u r doing just marvelous.keep going,

  2. Priyanka  

    kkk dats(disc) 4 makin infy rock e1 harder!!! thx 4 revealin dis surprise...

  3. Unknown  

    What are the other famous food joints there besides Dominoes?

  4. Chintan Patel  


    There is Cafe Coffee Day, Subway and many juice joints which offer enough variety. There is a floating restaurant also which, in my opinion, is the most romantic place within Infosys campus.

  5. Unknown  

    hi chintan...

    my DOJ is nov 16...i got a new offer letter in sept stating my job role has changed to systems engineer,there is no change in DOJ.Now my friends who are having the same DOj have recieved mails on oct 21, regarding e-joining & medical check up.. but i haven't received it yet...why is it so?whom should i contact? please help...
    thanks in advance..

  6. Chintan Patel  


    Did you get other mails from infosys or not?

    It happened to some of my batchmates also.

    You can try sending a mail to but generally they dont reply within this short time frame.

    Still you can send an email to them and follow the instructions mentioned in the mail sent to your friends.

    i think you will still need the login info if that is there in your friends' mails but this is the most you can do about it.

  7. Unknown  

    hi cinthan
    The last mail that i received was the new offer friends got three mails after that,but i didn't get those mails..i heard the joining letter & accomodation letter will be sent via e-mail,if i didn't recieve them,can i join on nov 16 ??

  8. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can still join.

    You just need the hard copy of offer letter and one identity proof like driving license, passport etc to prove you is YOU and you are granted entry by that.

    You can check your accommodation details there which will be same as those mentioned in the mail.

    There would also be a number of an HR (mostly Preet Kushalappa) in the mails that your friends got. You can call that number if you need any help.

  9. Unknown  

    Hey Chintan,
    1. whether the tie is mandatory to wear ?
    2. what will be the timing of training class daily?

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