Today we were again called to the multiplex in the morning and the usual classes from different people.

In the afternoon there were some lame tests. One was a test of english language which was simple and another lame test which was very simple. It was about all that they have taught till now and how well do you understand their policies.

And in the afternoon session they distributed the Service Agreements which had not been delivered to the addresses. If you have received the Agreement after you have left from home then you will have to get it signed by your parents as the surety(which they will explain in the session) and have it couriered here. You will be given 2 weeks time to submit it to them. If you dont do it within that time, then your salary will be withheld. You will be given your salary after you submit it to them.

There was also the document verification process today. You have to submit the zeroxes and show the originals to them. They will compare each result with the original and give the original back to you there itself.

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  1. shah  

    Hi chintan, this is shah,selected in infy(2009 joinee), ur posts are really helpful to clear our doubts regarding infy, thanks a lot. i just wanted to know abt % criteria, we are asked for 63% in btech as eligibility criteria at the time of placement.. after that, when announcing list of selected candidates, they said us to make it 68% at the end. im having 65% as of now, what if i cant reach 68%? coz its really hard to make 68 in last yr.. will i be fired out? hav u came across any case like this, if not, can u plz enquire abt it specially to hyderabad students(coz thy too hav same criteria as mine).. thanks in advance n waiting for yr response.. plz take ur time time reply.. thanks again, shah.

  2. Chintan Patel  


    you can get this clarified by posting your query to . She handles all the criteria related queries...

  3. shah  

    thanks chintan.. i will surely mail n enquire about it.. :-)

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