Yet again, as usual, classes in the multiplex from 8:30 in the morning. There were lectures about etiquette and business manners. After that, there was a session on dressing and grooming. Then there was a session on dining etiquette. Then there was a short grammar test which only an aadivaasi can fail.

There was a very good session on mind mapping which everyone enjoyed the most.

In the etiquette session, we were given a small task which was to introduce ourselves to one boy and one girl in the hall. So in that you just have to go to the girl that you like the most and introduce yourself. LOL..

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  1. Unknown deepthy
    i got placed in infy and havnt got d doj.when i filled d appl form during d interview i wrongly included d middle name which should nt b d offer letter also it was der.i juz want 2 knw whether i can change it after jng.will it lead 2 any pbm..plz respond..

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