Shravan Kumar (DOJ 26th May, Long Cycle) just told me these things.

1. This weekend, they are showing Jaane Tu... and Hulk in the Multiplex there.

2. Food Courts are getting crowded but 2 more food courts are going to be opened soon.

3. And one of the new Food Courts may have a McDonald's outlet.

4. You get only 2 leaves for your entire training period. More leaves will be paid leaves.

5. You will get your ID-card on the first day of joining.

6. You need to swipe the card in the classroom as proof of attendance but you can swipe and swipe out if you want to bunk the class and nothing is going to happen. ;)

7. Narayana Murthy is addressing the Infoscions at Mysore right now!!!

6 reactions, what do you say?

  1. Anonymous  

    wow !!! bunking classes is so easy...

  2. Anonymous  

    Doing Great work buddy..keep it up..nice info..pls enquire about the difficulty level of the module tests??
    well, is negative marking still there in the module test & initial screening test or not??

  3. Chintan Patel  

    About 30 out of 100 students pass with full marks. And only 2 people fail the training test... So you can know about the difficulty level by that... Tests are easy to pass unless you intentionally plan to fail... I think now negative marking has been eliminated but passing marks have been increased by 10 % .. But this i cant tell confirmed... Will ask someone and tell you...

  4. Anonymous  

    ok..thx..but do enquire about it....anyways carry on d gd job buddy...

  5. Chintan Patel  


    I asked about it to Shravan... He said that the tests are tricky but not tough.. and negative marking is still there and passing marks are 65%...

  6. Anonymous  

    ok...thx mate 4 d useful info....

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