Hey, i just talked with Yasmeen who is in fast track (DOJ 9th June) and came to know the following...

1. We can surf the net from the PCs they assign to us but only after training hours from 5 to 9 pm.

2. Orkut would be banned and you will have to use Proxy sites to access Orkut. (You can fully access Orkut from the Reliance WebWorld there.)

3. Food Courts are getting very crowded.

4. She got the salary for 20 days of june. Its 11198 Rs. So that makes it 16797 Rs. per month.

5. You can enjoy the campus in fast track also but you need to be good at time management.

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  1. Tashakor  

    so this 16+amount is inclusive of hostel fees,other misc fees and taxes...or is it what one wud get in hand after all those cuts....

  2. Chintan Patel  

    nooo... actually the inhand is the same as last year... 14,453 Rs...

    This is after all the cuts...

  3. 123  

    do we need to pay fees for using the swimming pool, gym, and for watching movies?

  4. Chintan Patel  


    There is a 600 Rs per month fee for swimming pool, gym etc.

    Movies, tennis, table tennis etc is free. Actually, they too have a 150 Rs membership fee but that is deducted automatically from your salary.

  5. 123  

    thanks for the fast reply..

    one more thing...on an average how much will the monthly food expenses come to? i know this is a very subjective question and the expenses will vary from person to person, but on an average??

  6. 123  

    btw i heard that some 7.5k single rooms are there in the mysore campus now...my joining date is 13th. july, 2009...so does that mean that boys WILL DEFINITELY get single rooms? or is there a chance of they being allotted double rooms? if so, is it easy to change to a single room later on? and what are the monthly charges for a single and double room?

  7. Chintan Patel  


    It will be about 50-60 Rs per day.

    Boys will definitely get single rooms only.
    double bed rooms - 2000 Rs.
    single bed rooms - 2750 Rs.

  8. 123  

    ok thanks a lot man...and you are really doing a fantastic job helping people out here...respect!!

    all the best :)

  9. 123  
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  10. tarun  

    yaar can u tell me wher will i get campus connect papers

  11. 123  

    hi chintan,

    my infosys offer letter says that there is a performance linked incentive (TPI) given during training...can u please shed some light on how is this paid out?

    is it something like this...based on ur performance, at the end of your training you are given a score/CGPA and based on the score/CGPA you will be given the TPI for all your months of training (i.e. as a lumpsum)..also what is the respective score brackets for the corresponding TPI of 10%, 12.5% and 15% (i.e. as given in the offer letter)..and is it easy to achieve the required CGPA for a 15% TPI?

  12. Chintan Patel  


    Dont study from any material now. Syllabus for all the stream is going to change in May 2009.


    Yes, you have understood it correctly.
    CGPA - 4.00 to 4.49 = 10%
    CGPA - 4.50 to 4.94 = 12.5%
    CGPA - 4.95 to 5.00 = 15% .

    To get 15% (CGPA >=4.95) is very tough. Less than 10% people have it.

  13. 123  

    hmmmm...it must be real tough then...btw what about 10% ?? is that also very tough ? how many ppl are generally able to reach that 10% bracket?

  14. 123  

    one more very important thing..

    my plan is to give cat in november, 2009 and to join a bschool by july, 2010...i.e. most probably i will at infy only from july 13, 2009 to june, 2010..now, we all know that infy makes us sign some sort of a 1 year (starting from after completion of training) agreement as soon as we reach mysore..what i wanna know is, what are the consequences if i break that bond (i.e. in my case for pursuing my mba)? do i need to pay any fine? if yes, then how much? or is there some other catch? i think many such cases happen every year so u must be knowing pretty well about it.

    also, is there any indirect way by which i can quit infy for my mba and at the same time evade any kind of consequences as a result of breaking the bond?

  15. Chintan Patel  


    Ohhhhh... getting 10% is very easy.

    And what do you mean by "how many ppl are generally able to reach that 10% bracket?" ???

    You are out if you dont have a CGPA of 4.00.

    The bond is of 50k Rs but they normally dont make you pay that sum unless you join some rival companies.

    You can fail knowingly in training which is the best way. If you quit by yourself (i.e. run away) then you wont get the Provident Fund money or experience certificate. But if you knowingly fail training, you will get both + one month's salary extra.

    The only way is to be a big enough loser so that they will be forced to remove you. This is only if you are interested in PF money and experience certificate. Otherwise you can just run away for MBA and nothing is going to happen.

  16. 123  

    hmmm..i guess i will have to fail then...coz the experience certificate is very important during MBA GD/PI because thats how i can prove it to them that i have workex at infy

    "The only way is to be a big enough loser so that they will be forced to remove you"...will this happen if i maintain a CGPA of below 4 ??

  17. 123  

    hey i just got an email from infosys this evening..it contains my campus connect login details..

    i logged in and there they have provided us with loads (and i really mean LOADS) of study material..they have even mentioned in the email that we need to study all that in order to be successful in training..

    what i wanna know is that, to what extent is that "in order to be successful in training" part true?? in ur case did u find any advantage/disadvantage by studying/not studying all that study material prior to your commencement of training?

  18. Chintan Patel  



    I dont understand why you ask about both: how to pass training and how to fail.

  19. 123  

    most probably i will be completing training properly and then just run away for an mba...dont wanna be kicked out thats why.

    i just wanted to know whether it is necessary to study all that material before training, or is it possible to manage without doing so (i.e study after training starts)..?

  20. Chintan Patel  


    You just said in comment #16 that you plan to fail because infy certificate is very important to you.

    And now you are so eager to know whether you shud study that material or not.

    Its for your own sake. I cant take that decision for you. There are people from CS-IT failing training and people from Mechanical Engg with throughout 5 CGPA.

  21. 123  

    yes i agree i said that in #16..but then after that i immediately consulted few of my seniors regarding mba and they said that even if i dont have an experience certificate during my MBA GD/PI it wont be a problem because i can still show my offer letter and payslips to the interviewers as proof of having workex...thry even said that ppl aspiring for mba dont generally have the experience certificate with them during GD/PI because they quit their job only after being offered admission (and not during MBA GD/PI)

    they also said that in case i dont get a confirmed admission into a bschool and am put on a waitlist, then the fact that i was chucked out of infy training will play against me...

    also, in case i dont get admission into a bschool of my choice, then i might continue in infy for another year and give cat again in 2010.

    thats why i finally decided that its better to perform well in training, because there's more to lose if i am chucked out (as explained above)

    thats why i asked you about the importance of studying all that study material prior to training.

    hope i have managed to clear out the confusion :)

  22. Chintan Patel  


    I was not in any "confusion" but i knew for sure that you dont know what you want to do.

  23. Unknown  

    @chitan patel

    if we get 10% tpi then what will be the take home salary..?

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