Today we all woke up late and went to the city in the afternoon. We saw Mysore palace there and got our service agreements notarized.Vrindavan Garden is about 25 kms from the palace so we dropped the idea. This weekend its Ugly Aur Pagli and Batman: The Dark Knight at the multiplex. 6 o clock show of Batman is already houseful, so we will go for the 9:30 show. The module test for CHSSC is on Tuesday. And ya, from now onwards, all module tests are at 8:30 in the morning which was at 9:00 AM before.

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  1. CPTechie  

    Hi chintan.....hows life.....bro i just wannna ask about pre-induction trning.....some guys had got d mail regarding that.......they r saying dat v hav to cmplete 4 months online trning b4 joining dat true or just some rumours.....pls help me.....thnx bro in advance

  2. Chintan Patel  

    life is great in here...

    yes, the online training is compulsory for those who got the mail... they will be directly put into stream when they come here.. so it doesnt make a difference that way... just that you will not get to enjoy the campus as much as long cycle people do...

  3. CPTechie  

    thnx bro 4 d quick d scene is dat k d one who got dat mail wl go 4 dat training online...otherwise d whole training at dis info. u hav given told by some officials there or by whom.....pls rply dear.....thnx bro...

  4. Anonymous  

    Hi must say you doing a great service by posting your daily experiences here. Especially for people like me who are still waiting for their joining date.

    Are you in the long cycle batch or fast track?

    And you wrote that module test is on Tuesday which means CHSSC module is only 3 days long??

  5. Chintan Patel  

    yes, you got it right... we are not told by any officials anything... all this is decided at bangalore but we can get an idea by the word going around.. and ya, you only have generic trainin online.. stream you have to do here.... so it will save your time and company's time also..


    I am in LC... yes CHSSC is not 3 but only 4 days long..

  6. Unknown  

    hi..u are doing a great job dude..
    i wanted to ask that those who haven't got the mail can expect their joining to be in sep.?is there any possibiity that we get the mail now??thanks in advance...

  7. Unknown  

    hey dude,
    wat u r doin is really commendable.... wat i wanna know is, how do u manage to maintain ur clothes???? in the sense washing and ironing them??? r u doin it on ur own or is someone dere in de campus to do it for u??? if there's someone doin it for u, how much do they charge???

  8. Chintan Patel  

    DOJ is the most unpredictable thing.. No logic to it.. Yes, you can get the mail now also..


    There are laundromats in here.
    The charge is 20 Rs per wash. You can wash a bag full of clothes with it. There is also an iron in each room. So you have to iron by yourself. There is laundry service also but i am sure its costly coz noone uses it.

    And ya, you can get the laundromat coupon by paying through debit cards only. No cash. And also your own detergent powder.

  9. Anonymous  

    hey chintan...
    great job dude..
    just one query..
    wat bout internet facility there..??
    r data cards allowed there for use with our laptops..??

  10. Chintan Patel  


    yes, you can have ur own data cards...

    i too use reliance on my laptop...

  11. Abhinav Ranjan  

    Can you do me a favour by conirming the criteria of joining.
    Our criteria at time of appearing for interview was 65/65/60 and I have got 82 in tenth 75 in twelfth and 63% in my degree.

    Will it remain same at time of joining or 65% are required.

    Please do confirm from HR and reply because many people say it will do but others make me nervous by telling that 65% are compulsory.

  12. Chintan Patel  


    The criteria changes from uni to uni and i cant tell about your university.. You can mail to to know more... She is there for all this aggre related queries.

  13. satish  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  14. Anonymous  

    hi chintan.I've applied for passport last november and i didnot receive my passport till now,but police enquiry is done.when i enquired they said i would get it soon.My joining is on 25th august.will it pose a problem if i dont receive it before joining.please give me a solution

  15. Unknown  

    grt work in here dude...

    ow if u cud put some light on the life of the Fasttrack guys would be helpful for me....plss!!!

  16. shruti_dleo  

    hey chintan i gt my DOJ as 25th aug
    i wanted to knw abt the service agreement it has to be signed on first day itself our we have to get signed frm home only?? also are parents required for any other formalities??

  17. Anonymous  

    hey chintan u said tht those who got the pre induction mail will do stream specific trning only in mysore....i mean is dis stream specific is same as fast track????and dis trning is of 4 will we get our doj after 4 months??or we can hope for earlier doj.....coz if its after 4 months den doj will not come before dec...u earlier said tht with in nov all d batches will b called....pls clarify yaar....

  18. Abhinav Ranjan  


    thnx bro.............

  19. Anonymous  

    ur posts r f gr8 help... :)
    in a reply u said data cards are allowed for net access there..but r personal laptops allowed there??
    do reply coz this really really cr8ing confuz'n.

  20. Chintan Patel  


    You dont need to have the passport but you shud have the receipt of having applied for it.. Even i dont have passport. Just had the receipt. Also take 2 zeroxes of that receipt.

    Actually i am finding it hard to keep up now..


    The service agreement may reach your home after you come here. In that case, you will be told by them where you have to take your parents signatures. Then they can mail it back to you here. This was the same case with me. And they give you much time to do that. It is not that serious in terms of time. Many people from 7th july batch are also yet to submit the agreements. At most, they will withhold your salary till you submit the agreement. But you will be paid it fully after you submit it. Parents are not required for any other formalities.


    Stream specific is fasttrack you can say... You will be directly alloted a stream like .NET, Mainframes or Open Systems etc. when you come here. And its the same for fasttrack people. So it is same as fasttrack.

    Yes, there is confusion there. Because at that time, there were no news of this online training. So i cant say for sure about your DOJ. The thing is that they are trying to train non CSIT people online so that we wont waste their time and resources here in generic training. And also you people are free to do it. So its basically that they are trying to save their time and your time.


    Yes, i have said in the same post that i use it on my laptop. And this doubt is primitive now.. Everything is allowed... Just that you need to declare it to the security which is just a formality...

  21. Anonymous  

    ok thx today u had d 1st module(CHHSC) exam na??? how was it 4 u and 4 ur entire batch???

  22. Anonymous  

    one more query...after completing dis online trning whether we hv to give fast track test or will we b directly put into streams in mysore?????....and modules like pf and dbms is included in dis online dis 2 modules are also dere in all d fast track streams...
    so do we hv to go through dis modules again in our stream trning in mysore?????thx in advance

  23. Chintan Patel  

    i dont know that much about it... better ask this to some HR...

  24. Anonymous  

    hi chintan,
    iam one of those who havent got their doj yet.I have applied for the passport but havent received it yet. but now i have had to shift my residence unfortunately. so my passsport and infosys will only have my old address. wat shud i do about that? there may not be enough time for me to change the address on the passport. so wat can i do about it? will that be a prob? will i have to submit any other address proof

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