Hi everyone...

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  1. rvivekshanmugam  

    Good Luck for ur New Job yaar!

  2. Saurabh.Sharma  

    hey dats grt dude !!!!!!!!!
    u proved it man !!!!!

    mechy guys rockkk yaar !!
    me too a mechy guy !!!

    felt very glad n happy after reading this post of urs !!!

  3. Unknown  

    Dats so nice.
    Well done mate.
    May god help u prosper more n more...

  4. Abhinav Ranjan  

    congrats bro............
    a good news after long long time.....

  5. Unknown  

    hey chintan congrats...how long were u a part of infosys....and what was ur bond period with them

  6. Unknown  

    hey congrats buddy n all the best for ur future...:)

  7. Chintan Patel  

    Thank you very much...

    @Abhishek.. .
    I was with Infosys for 4.5 months from 21 july to 3rd dec. They pay salary of one month i.e. i will be paid till 3rd Jan. So, technically, i am still employed with them till 3rd Jan and cant join any other company till then. Otherwise the bond is of 1 year.

  8. Unknown  

    hey congrats man..:-)
    may god shower his choicest blessings on you..
    wish u all good luck!!

  9. Unknown  

    i think this is ur new year gift given by GOD
    congrats for ur career

  10. shyam_rocks  

    Good luck...for your career and tat's what is called a "NEW YEAR GIFT".Isn't it ..?

  11. Midhun Harikumar  

    hey dude, that is awesome news ... good to hear that u are in a fantastic position .... hmm u might wana consider using some redirection sites to change your blog address ..

    we all will surely be keeping a look out for ur blogs .........

    do well and take care , bro ........

  12. Unknown  

    All te best fr ur Future man....

    2009 is gonna be gud luck yr to u... who knos u may get into GOOGLE r APPLE someday....

    anyway keep sharing ur thoughts and feelings on tis blog an i wish u an ur family a vry Happy an prosperous New Year-09.


  13. CALTIGER  


  14. Unknown  

    u gonna rock man:)
    god's choicest blessings is always wid u..
    have a happy n prosperous new year :)

  15. Unknown  

    talent never dies bro....
    al d best...

  16. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you...

    Google and Apple? Ya... I am thinking about that now.. ;-) ...

    Anyways, thank you, thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you....

  17. Sai Manohar  

    congratulations Chintan. All d best for ur future and happy new year ahead..

  18. Chintan Patel  

    @Sai Manohar...

    Thank you... Happy new year to you too!

  19. anand  
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  20. Abhishek  

    hi, dis is Abhishek Dhar, congragulations 4 ur new job.....m very happy 4 u...all d best 4 ur career....n yes, a very happy new year 2 u n ur family.....

  21. Unknown  

    well great blog out there....
    infosys came for offcampus at bhopal on 17 september, i have cleared the writtten test and gave the interview.

    But they tell us that the result will be out after 3-4 weeks...well i was worried about my results....any idea in how many days resuls will be out..please help me with this

  22. Chintan Patel  


    This is the second time that someone is reporting that infosys announced to them about the final result taking 3-4 weeks' time otherwise till now they were usually announced on the same day of interview.

    Well, if they have said that it will take 3-4 weeks, you have no option but to wait for 3-4 weeks.

  23. mayank singh  

    hi chintan sir
    i was the first one who told u dat infy ppl said they will declare the result in a month's time..since i gave my interview on 1 sept..n today its more than a month..neither me nor any of my friends have got the mail from their side...there are many ppl like me whom i found on the net having same situation.it is a very frustrating situation for all of us to wait for soooo long..dunno wats the matter out there!!

  24. Chintan Patel  


    I understand your agony over this matter but this year they have a target of recruiting 36000 employees and so their recruiting teams would be busier than usual.

    Anyways, like i said, you cannot do anything more than to wait for their results.

  25. mayank singh  

    @chintan sir
    right sir,,there is nothing else that can b done else than waiting for it with a positive attitude...
    thanx sir for your useful comments!!

  26. shirish  

    Is there anybody who applied for extension and is waiting for the new DOJ, please do let me know

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