1. Any Pre-joining Preparation?

This is the most important question of the day....u don’t need to be great at programmer when u joining as a Fresher. Guys don’t be in thoughts that u r going to be future hi fundu Programmer. the only time during which u do some serious programming is during training and u need not be skeptical if ur non comp sci as well.infy teaches every thing from basics. Now infy does not throw out anyone. It will keep on giving you chances to pass the test until you yourself run out of company in frustration, so don’t worry.
Infosys trainings is not very tough but u need to give some extra efforts. It is three-four months long. If you don't perform well in any of the exams, you'll be given a second chance, so, attend classes carefully. Forget that you are no more a student for three months. You'll get your whole life to enjoy with your first salary, second salary and so on. But no enjoyment for first Four months.
It doesn't matter where your background is CS or non-CS.Some people are from Construction, Mechanical, Civil, Printing, Chemical and different streams of Engineering. they got same exposure, same salary, same treatment, same knowledge. don't think a CS student would be in advantageous position. All are same
Generally our training will be broken up into 2 parts. the first part will be a generic program, which will give us basic take on comps in general during that they teach us abt networking, C , SQL and a few other very basic concepts.u have to give tests for individual modules which are online tests multi-choice no negative marking. all is from the course material popularly know as Champak u should be thorough with the course material thats all. At the ends of the genric program u have to write a comprehensive exam, which is in three parts. One 50% of marks which is similar to the online tests u would have taken but with -ve mkng, 20% for programming in C and querying in SQL, 30% written. After that u will be allotted to a specific stream.
if u r from a non-IT background...u have a 3.5 months of training else 1.5 months.first subject...CHSSC...(computer hardware n systems sw concepts) then C...then RDBMS...then u have your stream specific training...with OLEs (on-line exams)...
n u have to study for it from the champak (infy slang for their training material)....all OLE questions come straight from the champak n u have to mug that....u just don't need to go for any training before hand...becoz even if u know everything...it doesn't matter ...coz the champak is the bible...n thaz what u'll hafta knowall the best...n relax...the solution to all your fears lies in the holy champak.The project allocation is totally depends upon INFY.if u have any choice or interest they can’t help u.Its totally depends on their business requirement. Enterprise Systems has highest market value...there are also many mainframes project with infy.so if u do c,java,vb etc before joining it wud not help in training as

1. What they will teach u is different

2. U doesn’t know which specific stream u get there. e.g. if u get open system then java,vb which u did before training wud not help same in the case with internet stream i.e. if u do c beforehand then it wud not help in internet stream. And nothing wud help if u get mainframes as it has COBOL programming.

The facilities at mysore are down to earth. they will provide u cycle to move around. Hostels wud be on twin sharing basis. So Chillax... and enjoy your rest of the days in full throttle...if still u r thinking of some pre joining preparation then….nobody can suggests u.do whatever u want but don’t think that it wud help in your training due to above mentioned facts.

Time of Training

I heard that training time is unusual i.e. we have to wake up early in the morning for YOGA then usual mundane things then training starts at 9 or 10 am. Upto 1 pm then break for lunch then 2-5 then 1 hour break then finally 6-8.
There are lots of best books in C, RDBMS, Java. but none of them will help you in OLE and also don’t have time to read extra material other than champak. Those course materials are sufficient. But you'll have to read them thoroughly.
But no book is there to match with their "syllabus". These are for self-learning, not to pass the OLE. Don’t get afraid, if you study the study-materials well, you' score a good mark.
Ask someone working in a good company about infy training, he will tell u Infy training is the best in India. My friend told infy training is the best and u will have a very bright future after 2 years. he also told me, just concentrate on your job in Infosys for 2 years and then change to some other company and then apply for some good Executive management program from good institute. Just go ahead and do good in infy.


loads.. v ll gettin a twin sharing hostel room which in no way less than a 5 star hotel. Swimming, Bowling, Tennis, Library, everything, u name it and its available provided u get the Mysore center.
what we will be getting during training and any stipened or something during training
The HR who conducted the PPT presentation said that the CTC wld b 2.7lpa and after deductions v ll b gettin 19,475/-rs. Out of this some amount wld b deducted for the hostel changes during traing.
and whats the duration for a CS engnr.
Now the training is of 16 weeks as told by him but ppl say for CS students it wld b of 1.5 months only. Its basically Short Cycle and Long Cycle which is explained in posts in this community. Hope it helps...

Have funn!!

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  1. Unknown  

    cool chintu...keep up the gud work....

  2. HappyGirl  

    Hey Chintan,
    Are IPOD's allowed in Mysore campus? I know u've answered dis b4 but in some places u said allowed and others u said not allowed.. So just to clarify i'm asking

  3. Chintan Patel  


    I have never said about iPods not being allowed. They are allowed and there was never a ban on iPods.

  4. Vignesh  

    Is eligibility test for Fast Track batches available for circuit branches?If so kindly mention the syllabus for 2019 freshers.

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