The person who told this was in June 11th batch 2007 FT and now posted in AT&T project at Pune. So let me say in detail everything he told especially in focus to how to clear the training coz your career is in deep trouble if you don’t. So here we go...

1. 1st Day
Everyone might get hostel this time coz many are vacant plus 2 batches are leaving too. You need to sign bond on stamp paper. Check and double check your marks you enter in the papers. First 2 days is all about signing stuff. By the evening of first day you would get the ICICI bank account and card. All transactions like laundry coupons etc can be done only through card.

2. 1st Week
This is the time you can enjoy the campus to its fullest. So take the best advantage of it. The screening test to divide into FT(Fast Track) and LC(Long Cycle) will happen exactly after a week. They give books to prepare from for the test. Don’t take the test lightly if you want to get into FT, coz many people who took it lightly flunk the test. So at the same time as enjoying the 1st week prepare a bit for the test too. 1st week doesn’t have any serious classes. It’s just general awareness and stuff.

3. How to clear the training without trouble
3.1 Generic Stream
Generic stream involves C & RDBMS. Previously there was software engineering too, but he suspects it has been taken off from now on. They give books to study for this. Study from the slides they show during the training. Questions doesn’t come from anywhere else. But question would come from any word that they teach during training. So be through with what they teach, bottom line concentrate during classes.
3.2 Specific Stream
Follow the same procedure as above. Questions always comes from the slide they teach from. The book they give contains the Xerox copy of the slides theyteach in the classroom.
3.3 Assignments
All assignments are programming tasks which needs to be done on the computer. Submit assignments on time, they are very strict about this. Never ever copy the assignments from another person. If two assignments are found almost same, the person who copied and the person from whom it was copied from are doomed and the marks would be zero for that assignment. Try to do the assignments on your own rather than copying from net. This would help later in the compre.
3.4 Marks
Good news: Due to complains from June 11th batch, negative marking in tests has been taken off. Which means we can attend every questions. Previousnegative marking was very strange and it was tough to pass if you get some questions wrong.Bad news: Since negative marking has been removed, the pass mark has been increased from 65% to 75%. This is not as bad as negative marking though.
3.5 Nature of questions
As said before questions always comes from what they teach in slide only. 60% of questions are direct, 30% somewhat confusing, and the rest 10% veryconfusing.

4. If you didn’t clear the training
At the end of training, you need to have 4.0 CGPA out of 5.0 to pass. Training is easy and hence most of them have 5.0 itself. My friend had 4.13. For every test you don’t pass you are given a 2nd chance, but if you are absent for a test, there is only once chance remaining. Same stands for the compre also. If you are in FT and didn’t clear the training, you are given time to study by yourself and pass the test. In case of LC, if a person didn’t clear the test, he is out of Infy (which rarely happens... less than 2%. So don’t worry about it much and will be easy if you concentrate on training ).If a person doesn’t complete the training successfully, he/she is given 2 months advanced salary, training completion certificate and letter that they areleaving Infosys for personal reasons.

5. Towards the end of training.
After the compre takes place, there is again a week gap before you get the results and stuff. So again you can enjoy this week. Also there is training on interview skills, table manners etc.

6. After training
You are posted based on business requirements to the place nearest to your native. For example people in Punjab will be given preference for ChandigarhDevelopment Centre(DC), Maharashtra to Pune DC, Kerala to Trivandrum Dc and so on. But in case you didn’t get the location you want, you can always swap with another person. Another friend of mine got Pune as location and she switched with her friend who had got Mysore DC. She now works at Mysore DC. You get your location about 2 weeks prior to completion of training. So there is ample time to switch location.The project will be allotted to you only after you report at the location. Major projects will have client interview. Benching depends on your luck. Sometime you get the project immediately. Sometimes you are in bench from 1 day to 2 months.

7. Other Info
-1st week classroom gets boring at times.-You may doze off during classes, try best not to-Movies are free, queues are long-You don’t have to carry bed sheets, towels etc-Laundry coupons are 20rs each and can be bought using card only. The cloth gets dried well and so there is not much need to dry it in sun.-1st month 4000rs would do for food and stuff. As a backup carry more than that. That amount you can deposit in the account you get on the first day.

8. Thanks
Thanks to Prathul whose friend Durgesh called him up from Pune to give all this info.. I have just copy pasted all this info from 2007 community...

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  1. Priyanka  

    dis 1 cleared many doubts..thx again n keep up d gd wrk

  2. rakshith  

    tnx helped lot...

  3. Anonymous  

    thanks a lo.........t it made me 2 know alot.

  4. Unknown  

    really very helping.......
    thanks a lot....

  5. Unknown  

    some people said that first 6 weeks saturday is working day.........
    is it true??

    thanks in advance...

  6. Chintan Patel  


    This is not true...

    Only the first saturday is a working day and that too is a minor affair.

  7. Anonymous  

    I would like to know what is the advantage of completing the campus connect program in college before the training. is it compulsory to scor high in the campus connect program too

  8. Chintan Patel  


    No, its not necessary to score high in CC. But its good if you complete the program and get the certificate.

  9. Ankur Jain  

    @ Chintan..
    after disallowing laptops, infy got a new rule/policy.
    First 6 saturdays are working now, for 2009 batch :(

    They leaving no stone unturned to make it a professional jail :O

  10. Chintan Patel  

    @Ankur Jain...

    Ohh.. So it is true... Some girl inquired about it but i dismissed it as a rumor.

    Its really bad seeing all this happen after hearing infy CEO announcing in our class that there wont be any cost cutting in training and R&D.

  11. Anonymous  

    Thanks a lot.. U r work is very useful... It gives us a lot of information... God Bless u

  12. Ankur Jain  

    I also heard that they are not putting on the AC's of the rooms, though chagring the rent as per the AC rooms - Just heard/read it somewhere, no sure !

  13. Unknown  

    thanks a lot.....dis one cleared many doubts.
    how many tests are conducted during training session?

  14. Chintan Patel  


    Training program keeps changing every year and the training duration depends on how much projects they have. If there are many projects in hand, they will reduce the training duration but right now, there are less projects so the training duration is almost 8 months which used to be just 2 months an year back when there were fasttrack batches.

  15. peace  

    It was a useful information.. i got selected on stil having 8th sem to complete.waiting for 7th sem results.i jus wanna know i would get a call letter based on my overall aggregate or not. and if i get an arrear in 7th sem and clear it before 8th sem i would get a call letter or not.

  16. Chintan Patel  


    There wont be any effect on your call unless you dont clear an arrear before joining date. If you have a pending arrear on your joining date, you will need to extend your joining. Offer wont be cancelled just because you got an arrear.

  17. Unknown  

    can we go out for weekends?

    basically what u guys do on weekends?

  18. Chintan Patel  


    You can go out everyday but make sure to be back by 11:00 PM which was the limit when i was there. Otherwise you will have to pay 500 Rs fine and on the next offense you will be made to leave the hostel.

    On weekends, what i used to do was watch movies at the multiplex. There will always be one hindi and one english latest movie at infosys mysore multiplex. Then you can go to nearby places to visit like Coorg, Ooty and can plan to go to kerala also. There is not much to explore in the city except the palace.

    If you are still concerned about how to spend time on weekends, the next module test will always be there which will ensure you visit your classroom regularly on weekends. :)

  19. Deepak V  

    hey 'm deepak
    i gt placed in infy now...m from mech i dunno abc abt programming!!what will be my traning duration??what is the chance of my survival there???

  20. Anonymous  

    Hi, my doj is August 30, 2010. Today i got a mail from infosys for the access to Learning Center and Skill Up! Do i need to go through all the three courses and student projects thoroughly before joining or the training will be based on those three courses(Generic 1.0,Generic 2.0,Generic 3.0)

  21. Unknown  

    hi chintan me too received mail from infy regarding learning centre and skill up.But they gave only the topics name.So can we study those topics from the campus connect books which i received from infy..?

  22. Anonymous  

    @seetha: the entire course content is downloadable from Learning center. I downloaded all the pdf files having slides for each topic.

    Chintan, do we actually need to go through all those before joining or training will be on that basis? I have not attended any campus connect program.

  23. Unknown  

    I got an email from infy to login to campus connect website, but i am unable to login. I am entering my DOB as password in the same format described in the mail, but still unable to login. Could u tell me whats the problem???

  24. Chintan Patel  


    Training duration keeps change every year due to changes in syllabus so i am not sure what the duration is for you. Its easy to pass but you should not take things for granted like i did. You do need to have some inclination for programming.


    You can just have a look at those but i don't think there is any course which you have to finish before joining. From the name of the courses, it does sound like the generic stream material.


    Yes, you can study from that. If they have not mentioned that you have to do anything compulsorily then you don't have to worry.

    CC is not compulsory but its for your own good.


    I cant say what your problem is. Be sure to capitalize the month carefully. Other than that, i cant say anything more.

  25. Anonymous  

    The Generic courses i mentioned are also present in Foundation Programs section on Campus Connect website so do i really need to finish all those on my own before joining? in the mail for access to these materials they have mentioned download and get started with these materials.

  26. Mahendar Reddy  

    Hi DOJ is pre-phoned to 28/Jun/10 and it was on 11/Oct/10 earlier.

    My doubt is: Out of LC/FC, which one is beneficial? m an MCA so non CS/IT candidate.

    will there be more stress on FC candidates? OR any benefits of it ? please give me complete difference between them and help me in my journey...MAHENDAR.

  27. Chintan Patel  


    Then download and get started with it.


    I think MCA is considered to be equivalent to CS-IT by them. Anyways, there are no special benefits of either courses. Some basic level understanding would be assumed for CS-IT which anyone from CS-IT would be comfortable with and so they wont have those basic courses.

  28. Mahendar Reddy  

    Thanks for such a quick response CHINTAN..

    Actually I heard from my senior that, MCA @ Infy is non-CS/IT. Let's see whether there is any change in this regard.

    Really u r doing an awsome job,
    Thanks again...MAHENDAR

  29. Mahendar Reddy  

    Hi Chintan, please tell me- is it good 2 prepare well and get into FAST CYCLE(FC) or is it better to take the screening test lightly and remain in LONG CYCLE(LC).

    My intension is to SCORE GOOD MARKS, Obviously with LESS STRESS.Give me ur suggestion please.

  30. Mahendar Reddy  

    @ Lovlesh..

    Hey Lovlesh, i too got the same problem initially. I observed that if u close all other browser windows & open our campusconnect-Recriuts2010 website(only) FRESHLY, ur login will be success. Now i am able to login successfully without any problem. Check it out.
    If still any problem, better to call our help_desk tollfree number.

  31. Chintan Patel  


    Its not your choice to get into FC or LC. I better clarify here that FC mentioned in the above post is no longer being held so don't worry about that. For latest info on training, refer to the first post in the "must read posts" list.

  32. Unknown  

    I got an email from infy to login to campus connect website, but i am unable to login. I am entering my DOB as password in the same format described in the mail, but still unable to login.

  33. Deepak V  

    thank you chintan for ur suggestion..:)
    can u please suggest me some topics which i have 2 learn before enterin infy ..??please be specific bcoz i dunno much about programming so that i can learn it!!!

  34. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered. Please read above. And dont post questions till you are sure it has not been asked before.


    Answered sooo many times, check other posts.

  35. Shivraj Rath  

    In the joining letter they have not mentioned about not taking laptops. Does that mean we can take our laptops? How do I confirm?

  36. Chintan Patel  


    You can confirm by calling/emailing the HR or their helpline(i dont have the number).

  37. Unknown  

    hello chetan..
    am a regular visitor of ur blog ..
    my doj is june 24th..
    i got prob,my cgpa is 6.77 n percentage is 70.1%..(my marksheets r given in cgpa bt our coll showed % wen the infy came to our coll
    during the placement my % was exact 68 n cgpa was 6.46
    our cut-off was wirtten like dis 68%,6.8
    bt at the end of the day am selected.
    nw my cgpa is nt satisfying bt it dose in %,will i face any prob at infy during joining.

  38. Chintan Patel  


    As far as i know, only one criteria is mentioned. Cant say anything in your case.

  39. Unknown  

    fyn.. my cgpa is 6.77 n if eligiblity is 6.8 can i get into infosys

  40. Chintan Patel  


    No. You wont be eligible even if you have 6.79. They are very strict about criteria.

  41. Anonymous  

    My DOJ is August 30,2010.
    I have appeared for my Sem 8 exams. Results will be out by July 20, so should i wait for the results and then finish all pre joining formalities or do it now itself?
    We have to enter details of education for E-Joining so will it be better to do after my sem 8 results?

  42. Chintan Patel  


    Of course it will be better if you do it after you get 8th sem results. Dont know why you need to ask this.

  43. Unknown  

    hi chintan..
    thanx for such a good work..
    i just wanted to know abt the minimum balance i cud keep in my account over there..coz i have to send my stipend home..can u help?

  44. Chintan Patel  


    All salary accounts are zero balance accounts not only at Infosys but at any company which provides you a salary account and so there is no need to keep a minimum balance.

  45. Unknown  

    thanx 4 ur kind of u
    i had a query as to how much stipend we get in hand during and after the training period....
    also wat bonus we will b given after training completes....
    my package is 3.25 lac..

  46. Chintan Patel  


    Your in hand salary during training depends on the various taxes and hostel fees etc which keep changing every year so i cant say anything about that. These things will be explained to you clearly during the first week of training so dont worry.

  47. shruti  

    hey chintan
    i couldnt join infy on my given doj(june 28) as i had arrear in 7th sem. i ve asked them for extension and sent them the marklists after i got my results as they insisted..can u tell me when will they probably call the candidates with extended doj.. or will they ever call??

  48. Chintan Patel  


    Unless they have explicitly cancelled the offer, they will surely call you. Till now the trend has been that all extension candidates are called in March and so you can assume that in your case too.

  49. shruti  

    hey thanks.. but will it not be around the end of this year?? coz i've heard some sayin so.. is there no way?

  50. Chintan Patel  


    We cannot predict it accurately because it depends on so many factors like they have increased the training intake, changed the training period etc and so it can be earlier.

  51. shruti  

    hey thanks for the info... i have one more query.. few people i know, in the same situation as i am got called to join on august 30th whereas i dint get any call from them yet..they mailed me sayin they were deciding the dates.. does this happen normally.. will the extended candidates be called on different dates.. or shud i call them n ask about this??

  52. Chintan Patel  


    Have patience with them. They have 25000 trainees to handle every year so if they have mailed you saying that they are deciding the dates, you dont need to worry. There would be so many extended candidates and hence it is possible that extended candidates are called on different dates.

  53. Unknown  

    Recently, a week before i got my offer letter mailed to me. After that i didnt get any mail like ejoining, or accommodation mail. Like how others got. When will they send, a month before joining? My date of joining is 14th feb.

  54. Unknown  

    ramya...i can help u out...
    my doj is on 13th dec 2010.
    i got the pre joinin formalities mail 2 days back in which e-joining and some other parts r there which v hav 2 fill it up... and yes u wil get that mail 1 mnth b4 ur doj... and im yet 2 receive the accomodation mail...

  55. Unknown  

    @ Surya

    Thank you for you response.
    And one more thing....getting to knw about this ejoining from this blog...i signed into it. and found my joining date is 1/10/2011. But doj in offer letter is 14 feb. Now i dnt understand which one to follow. And does 1/10/2011 means 10th Jan or 1st oct.

  56. Unknown  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  57. Unknown  

    @ ramya....

    we always have to consider the joining date given in our offer dnt wry abt it...u will get a mail frm them 1mnth b4 ur doj...

  58. Chintan Patel  


    Whatever Surya has said is correct.
    You will only be able to login into e-joining before 1 month of your DOJ.
    Its a strange case that DOJ in your e-joining is different from your offer letter DOJ but i think the one in your offer letter will be your true DOJ. Anyways, you can wait for accommodation mail to be sure about the date of joining.

  59. Varun  

    I was placed in Infy on 14Jan , 2011 . The above information was very helpful and cleared many doubts and misconceptions . Thanks for that. I want to know about the complete syllabus that i would have to study during the course of training . I'd be very gratefull to you if you could share that with us .Thanks again.

  60. Chintan Patel  


    Syllabus keeps changing a bit every year and i have lost touch with the exact module names now. You can try searching for it elsewhere. Will update if i come to know anything.

  61. Unknown  

    hey chintan,its naveed from nagpur. i had a query that ,is it necessary to have a laptop with oneself while joining in the infy campus.

  62. Chintan Patel  


    Haha... It is actually necessary to NOT have a laptop at the time of joining. Laptops are not allowed in the campus now.

  63. aveek chakraborty  

    Hi chintan!great work! I've been selected on campus on 19th jan 2011. Could u tell me when after how much time usually they send the offer l8r?

  64. Shwetha MG  

    Hi chintan! there any shifts for employees working at infosys??

  65. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered many times. Use site search above to find your answer.


    Yes, there are different shifts for people working on different projects. It depends on the project you are working on and the location of the client and need of client interaction.

  66. aveek chakraborty  

    Thank you sir.I have another query.I want to know what kind of medical check ups we have to undergo & whether this will be performed at Mysore or do we have to collect the medical certificates before joining.I know rules keep changing but what was the rule during your training?

  67. Chintan Patel  


    They mention about medical check ups in some mails but none of us did any check ups or carry any certificate so dont worry about it. It will be fine even if you dont undergo any medical tests.

  68. Unknown  

    Hi chintan, I just wanted to know that is there any time limit to register with NSR? Can I do it jus before my joining? my doj is 14th march '11

  69. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you can do your NSR anytime before joining but it takes time for them to mail you the NSR card so better do it as soon as possible. Although you wont need the card physically, you will need your NSR PIN. I am not sure but I think there will still be facility to register for NSR from Infosys, Mysore but it is recommended to get these things done before joining so that they wont consume time after joining.

  70. Sandeep  

    Hi Chintan, i got selected on campus on 18th january 2011. I want to know what should i do in technical/language so that could help me at training. I am not so technically sound.
    Plz help!

  71. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered so many times: You should learn C and Java. Please dont ask repeated questions. Use site search above to find the answer first. Repeated questions will not be answered every time.

  72. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan,
    My bro has joined infy in feb 2011 batch. He is in generic training right nw. He had his 2nd test for RDBMS ystdy(nt sure whether its module test or nt)... he failed it. Nw he is really very depressed and upset with himself. I cnt see him lyk this. and to top it up, i cnt assure him of anything after reading abt the strictness of the training. He says that if he doesnot pass the integrated test, then tthey will send him back home.

    Please tell me what will they do?

    M really worried about him.

  73. varun  

    Hi Chintan, the site is extremely useful to me.. i was placed on Dec 11 2010. I would like to know when will they send offer letter? Will they send any confirmation letter or mail before they send the offer letter?

  74. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, there is an RDBMS module. I hope you know that there is a retest for every module you fail where your brother has a chance to clear that module again.

    Even if he fails in 1-2 retests, he can still pass comfortably if he works hard for the compre. Even people who have never failed in their life have failed in some modules so dont worry.

    There is only the need to put in sincere effort and passing the training will be easy. Just dont take training for granted and put off work for a later time because that time never comes and work piles up very quickly.


    Already told sooo many times, joining date/date of getting offer letter cannot be predicted. Please do not ask the questions before reading all posts and their comments. I will not answer repeated questions.
    Offer letter itself is the confirmation letter.

  75. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan
    I was placed in Infosys on 14Jan,2011. Around 120

    students were placed from my college.We have a 6 month

    training semester in the final year , so Infosys offered

    Internship to the placed students . Since many companies

    were scheduled to visit our college , so most of the

    students didn't go for the internship . The college sent

    around 30 students though. After their training period of

    around one and a half month they had a compry test . very

    few students ( i don't have the number but it's around 5

    -6 i guess ) cleared the test. They will again do the

    training with us when we will get the joining in june or

    july . I want to know that is the success rate of

    completing the training that low ? I have heard that more

    than 90% students clear their training ,usually, but the

    numbers from the internship batch are really discouraging

    . I am also placed in TechMahindra , but infosys is my

    first Love :) . Now i feel like that i should join TechM.

    I just want to know , is the training that tough ? Do you

    have any stats to support your answer ? I am confused .

    Please helf me out with this . :(

  76. Chintan Patel  


    Training is intense but 5-6 out of 30 is a very low ratio. Maybe because it is internship otherwise i have not seen such a low ratio in actual training. From my batch, i can say that 80-85% people passed the training.

    Its not easy to score in training but i would say that passing in training is far easier.

    Also, just think of it from company's perspective. Infosys can never be able to afford the training cost if their intake ratio after training is so low. That would mean that they are just wasting resources on majority of people who fail in training.

    Just dont take training for granted and work sincerely everyday.

    If a mechanical engineer like me who knew nothing about programming can score 3.95 out of 5 in training, i am sure that you can be extra careful and score those extra 0.05 needed to pass training. :)

  77. Varun  

    Hi Chintan
    I was placed in Infosys on 14 jan this year.Do you have any idea regarding the joining date ?

  78. Chintan Patel  



  79. varun  

    Hi chintan.. Thank you very much for spending your valuable time for us...

    Can you tell in mysore training campus whether they are allocating one candidate per room or more than that?

    what is that globe like thing i have watched in a photo? Some told that its a multiplex theatre..

  80. Chintan Patel  


    First of all, post your question once only. No need to copy paste the same comment elsewhere. Last time you did it three times. Please delete your duplicate comment on another post else i will ban you from commenting on this blog.

    Already answered. Check other posts before asking a question.

    Yes, it is a multiplex theatre.

  81. varun  

    ok.. sorry for that thing.. I did it because you were answering questions placed in one post and not in the one which i have posted.. so i placed the duplicates in all the posts.. Hereafter i will post my questions once..

  82. Varun  

    Hey Chintan , what is the probability of 'NOT' getting into Software Testing ?I wish to go for Development. I have heard that they allocate departments randomly .Do they consider CGPA for this ?

  83. Chintan Patel  


    It really depends a lot on the business requirements of the company when you complete training. CGPA doesnt matter and yes, it is random.

  84. Anand.cse.imps  

    'm Anand

    I hv recently been placed in Infosys,they hv sent me a profile id,bt it's showing my wrong permanent address.

    What should i do plz help me out ?

  85. Chintan Patel  


    You should send an email to offer_update at infosys dot com.

  86. AndyMS  

    @Chintan sir
    I did the same a month before ,they replied me as that they hv updatd my permanent address in my profile , but it's still showing the wrong one .What should i do , plz help !!!

  87. Prem.G  

    What is compre? in 3.3 assignments..pls tell me

  88. Saurav  

    @Prem: Compre stands for 'Comprehensive' assessments. It 'was' the final term exam with whole syllabus. But worry not, it as been discontinued. :)

  89. AndyMS  

    i hv been placed in infosys,but got a backlog in a subject in 7th semester ,but i can clear this before the date of joining . If i clear the backlog before joining date then can i join the infy ?

  90. Unknown  

    kindly send me generic material for the online e learning program.
    my email id :

  91. lakshmi  

    hi sir
    i'm selected for infosys spark it program 2014 and eligibility criteria for selection is 65%. i have given 68% instead 65% in the application did it cause any problem during joining into infosys please help me

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