Fast Track is told to be very hectic. You have to do 12 assignments per day. Long cycle is easy. They start from basics like "this is keyboard, this is mouse", how to open a Word document, how to make a slide in Powerpoint, etc... So if you are not good at programming, try not to pass in the screening test.

And the other news is that a new hostel with 7500 rooms is ready. Shravan told this to me just today. So people who have completed BE can expect their joining dates soon..

Thats it for now... Will keep posting as i come to know... Keep Checking..

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  1. Anonymous  

    thanks chintan tis is indeed a grt news for all awaiting there doj....

  2. blindgaurdien16  

    thanks man ..

  3. Chintan Patel  

    keep checking.. prabha and blinggaurdien

  4. blindgaurdien16  

    hopefully we'll meet u there soon :P

  5. Chintan Patel  

    hmmm... thats quite a possibility..

  6. Anonymous  

    Fantastic news yaar..

  7. Unknown  

    thats grt. there must be some advantages of completing the training
    in Fast Track , though its too hectic. could u please throw some light on some of such aspects , something the outsiders like us dont know bout.

  8. Chintan Patel  

    there are no advantages as such of being in fast track. only that you will feel comfortable with the pace if you are good at prog. i know a girl from 2007 batch who said fast track was a cakewalk and she is now at Infosys, Shanghai.

    You may be put in projects earlier than other people of 2008 batch and maybe your bench time wud be less. otherwise i dont see any other advantage.

    infact, i wud not appear for the test even if i had a chance.. but some people are bored being in long cycle..

    so decide what suits you. .

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