Hey, people..
I got my joining date as 21st july.
And now news you can use...

1. You can register for NSR at Infosys, Mysore. They have set up a shop for this. It will only cost you 60 Rs. there compared to 337 Rs. at any POS.

2. Today there's DJ night at mysore.. DJ nights are there every 15 days..

3. Hostel fee for us has been hiked to 2000 Rs. per month which was 1750 last year and 1500 in 2006.

4. Do NOT come to mysore if you have pending viva or you will be sent back. No exams or viva should be remaining. Final sem result is not necessary for joining and can be shown afterwards..

Thats it. Good night. .

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  1. -  

    what happens in a DJ night?? i am curious cos i am a DJ and joinin on 23rd june..

  2. Srihari Murali  

    gr8 news abt the NSR.. hope u cud confirm it after joinin :P!

  3. Chintan Patel  

    They call a DJ who does what he does and people wud be dancing out it the open... but i wonder what are your chances of being at the disk there.

    Its confirmed that you can do your NSR there. its written on the campus connect website and it was a thread started by Shravan also.. so you can be sure... i had already registered for NSR when i got the news...

  4. Anonymous  

    great work yaar.....well chintan my clg had the infosys campus connect program.....it was a complete waste of time....so few of us didn't complete it..... but in the infosys cc site it is written that it is mandatory to undergo and cmplt the cc program if your clg is a cc partner....do they ask about it at the time of joining???whther it will make any problem??? pls confirm it from your freind there in mysore

  5. Chintan Patel  

    i dont know much about this... cuz my college does not have campus connect.. but i think at most you will not be allowed to sit in the screen test... nothing more..

  6. Anonymous  

    ok..thx bro..also i don't wanna go into fast track..but if you could confirm this with your freind there it will b nice..anyway carry on the gd job dude..

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