Infosys serves various industries through its vertical business units, such as:
* Aerospace and Automobile (AnA)
* Banking & Capital Markets (BCM)
* Communication Service Providers (CSP)
* Resources, Energy & Utilities (REU)
* Hi Tech & Discrete Manufacturing (HTDM)
* Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences (IHL)
* Media and Entertainment
* Product Lifecycle and Engineering Solutions (PLES)
* Retail, Distribution & CPG (RETL)
* Transportation & Services (TnS)
* Independent Validation Solutions (IVS) - provides software testing services.
* IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) - manages core networks, data centers and servers of clients.
* Real EstateIn addition to these, there are business units aligned to clients' geographies, such as EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific). There is also a horizontal business unit named ES (Enterprise Solutions), which specializes in ERP and package implementation and works with clients across industries and geographies.

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  1. Neha  

    Hi Chintan,
    I am to join my training this month:). I am selected for the post of systems engineer, can i jump to infosys hardware industry by requesting the HR?.. As i am from ECE i would love to work in the hardware domain.

  2. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys does not develop any hardware so i dont think you will be able to get a role which fits your background.

    Anyways, a fresher does not have any say in which stream gets allotted to him/her.

  3. abdul rahman  

    how to get into system administrator side in infosys..... plz reply

  4. Chintan Patel  


    Just apply for it from their website. I am assuming you are not selected for infosys.

    If you are selected, you wont get to choose which unit you work in.

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