* India: Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Mangalore, Mysore, Mohali, Thiruvananthapuram, Chandigarh, Vishakapatnam (proposed)
* Australia: Melbourne, Sydney
* China: Beijing, Shanghai (see Infosys China)
* Hong Kong: Hong Kong
* Japan: Tokyo
* Mauritius: Mauritius
* UAE: Sharjah
* Canada: Toronto
* USA: Atlanta (GA), Bellevue (WA), Bridgewater (NJ), Charlotte (NC), Detroit, Fremont (CA), Houston, Lake Forest (CA), Lisle (IL), New York, Phoenix (AZ), Plano (TX), Quincy (MA), Reston (VA)
* Belgium: Brussels
* Denmark: Copenhagen
* Finland: Helsinki
* France: Paris
* Germany: Frankfurt, Stuttgart
* Italy: Milano
* Norway: Oslo
* The Netherlands: Utrecht
* Spain: Madrid, Burgos
* Sweden: Stockholm
* Switzerland: Z├╝rich
* UK: Canary Wharf, London

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  1. Cijo Thomas  

    thanks for the information :)

  2. Anonymous  

    what are the onsite opportunities in infy? after how long generally do they send us abroad..what is the criteria for that?

  3. Chintan Patel  


    Onsite opportunities are pretty rare because i have not heard of anyone from my batch going onsite at Infosys. There is no fixed time to send you to onsite and it all depends on project requirements. The criteria for that is to be the best person from your team to do the job and to have the best luck among your team members.

  4. Anonymous  

    @chintan ;- thanks a tonne dude..i am just joining infy for a year or two i guess. after that m off for MBA. my joining date is 28'th june...is there any specific advice that u wanna give me?

  5. Anonymous  

    hey chintan thanks a lot..i will prolly be joining infy for max 2years i guess..after that i have other plans.. is there any specific advice that u wanna give me before i join. my date of joining is 28'th june ;-0

  6. Chintan Patel  


    I cant think of any specific advice to give but just perform well as a software engineer and go for certificates of appreciation which will help you when you go for MBA interviews.

    I like that you already know you wont be there after 2 years. Most people ask questions about sponsored MBA from Infosys as if they are going to be at Infosys for the rest of their lives.

  7. Anonymous  

    ha ha ;-) ur reply was a good one..!! m not those kinds who are gonna work their ass off for one company all the time..!!! acha one more chotu query how many people get eliminated from infy? is the training kinda tough.?? m not a geek but yeah my basics are clear ;-)

  8. Chintan Patel  


    Training is tough if you take it for granted and are not regular in learning and doing assignments but if you are careful and study regularly, it is very easy.

  9. Anonymous  

    hmmm..a very nice parenting reply..study hard..ha ha ;-) nyways thanks buddy..if i have any more queries can i keep u posted?

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