Through my friends undergoing training, i got to know about the introduction of a new stream at infosys called Business Intelligence.

The duration for this stream is same as other streams(about 21 days).

There are 2 classes of 100 each who have got this stream from 24th Nov batch. I think one class is from 17th Nov and other from 24th Nov. Dont know for sure.

The subjects of this stream are as follows:



Introduction to Business Intelligence

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

MDDM (Multi Dimensional Modelling)

Entrerprise Reporting

Business Intelligence Methodology

And one more fact i came to know that from one of the 2 classes, one class is doing fine whereas in the other class, only 2 people passed in the first module test and 0 in the second module test. :P

58 reactions, what do you say?

  1. Unknown  

    ye kya ho raha hai bhai?? infy walone freshers ko bahar nikaal ne ke naye naye tarkeeb bana rahe hain....

    my DOJ is 16th march...

    bhagwaan jaane hamara kya hoga....

  2. Anonymous  

    I don't think that these all thinks are goining on just to throw is out of pointed out by chintan that one of the two batches is doing well this means that it all comes down to your performance.And a stream introduction is not instant decision but it would have taken months to find out what and how it should be implemented in the training at mysore.
    So the sucess mantra is PERFORM or PAY THE PRICE

  3. Manu  

    I'm from that 1st batch of BI.. it is for Nov 10th batch..
    its not that v r not performing..
    since ours is 1st batch.. there are lot of experimenting going on with us..
    the other batch performing well bcoz management came to know wat went wrong and wat went well from our batch. so, they hav rectified that in new batch(nov 27th batch)
    PS:- most of the trainees in our batch are A grade in Generic.
    it is just that v r getting too many surprises each and every day, not like other batches whose schedule,materials and almost everything is pre-determined..

  4. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you for your comment..
    I needed someone like you to comment on this.

    People undergoing training are requested to share the happenings at mysore. Maybe, i will make a post out of it... with due credits.. :)

  5. Unknown  

    our orissa infosians doj is on 4th jan 2010..little late,but chalega.......
    best of luck 2 all

  6. dynamicbalaji  

    Hello sir,
    This is BALAJI,studying final year B.E.(ECE).Placed in Infosys.
    Last week i received my offer letter thro' mail.In my college totally 17 members r placed in infosys.Bt me & my another frnd who belongs to CSE got DATE OF JOINING as 7th DECEMBER,2009.
    All others got as 8th February 2010.Pls tell me on what basis Infosys divide batch.

  7. Chintan Patel  


    There was no batch division till now. This is happening only from your batch onwards. Anyways, dont worry too much about it. They will be fair to all.

  8. Anonymous  

    This year also the same thing happened so don"t bother too much about.And as all the people say nobody knows whats the logic behind it.
    So be cool and utilize your time too the max

  9. Unknown  

    hi chintan..
    i m persuing my B.Tech. frm MNIT, Jaipur with CSE branch..
    i'm frm 2009 batch and my DOJ for infy is 8th june 2009..
    but i also got selected in fiserv ..
    so right now i'm very confuse that which one should i join???
    can u tell me what inhand package exactly we gate during trning and after training..
    and what is the financial condition of infy in this recession time...
    thankx in advance..

  10. Chintan Patel  


    Man, what a confusion you have!!

    Is it really that confusing??
    Doesnt Infosys sound like the obvious choice to you???

    Exact package i have mentioned on some other post. (Search for "First salary credited").

    You dont need to worry about Infosys' financial condition.

    Anyways, Infosys has 8000 Crore Rs in cash reserves.

  11. Madbu Aila  

    Hi chintan,

    This is madhu, i'm a B.Sc graduate.. I got selected in Infosys(IMS).. my doj is 23rd march.. my friends are saying that infosys is send out lots of ppl after the training bcoz of Crisis..pls let me know is it right? is it good to join in infosys..
    thanx in advance

  12. Chintan Patel  


    I guess your friends dont know much about infosys. There is a rise in the number of trainees exited. But its not much... Just about 10-15% people from a batch fail.

    Yes, it is good to join infosys. Anyways, you dont have any other better option than that.

  13. rohit gupta  

    thanks chintan

  14. hrudayamlo  

    hi chintan...
    u told to download the training material from guru's thread on infosys2008 orkut.
    i'm unable to find it.
    plz tell me the exact link to that.
    is the material for unix is present in that???

  15. Chintan Patel  


    i cant do that for you. anyways, you will get the material easily once you reach mysore.

  16. hrudayamlo  

    hi chintan..
    u said that the details regarding the dress code will be given in offer letter..
    but in our offer letter we din't get any such thing!!tell me wat the dress code is???

  17. Chintan Patel  


    Are you sure you read all the pages?? It was right there in our offer letter.

    Anyways, it is formals+tie on mon,tue.
    formals - tie on wed, thu.
    jeans,t-shirts allowed only on friday..

  18. Unknown  

    hi chintan...
    Should we wear a tie and full slack shirt even on thursdays and wednesdays?

  19. Chintan Patel  


    I have written:
    Formals plus tie on mon, tue.
    Formals minus tie on wed, thu. On wed, thurs you can wear half sleeve shirts also.

  20. iamnkn  

    Hey Chintan
    Need some suggestion.All of my batch mates have got a soft copy of the joining letter via email yesterday.But I didn't get it. What should I do? Should I e mail them telling about this?Plz help.

  21. Unknown  

    shri guru
    Hi chintan,
    Im a final year mechanical engineering student. Im joining infosys on jan 10. I have no knowledge on c programming or other languages. I heard that surviving infosys training is a big thing. since i have 8 months left from here to join infy i have planned to equip myself with those one should have to study in training. pls suggest me the modules that are tough for a mechanical engineering student!! and other modules tat a fresher needs to study at infy!!:)

  22. Chintan Patel  


    Tell me if you still did not get your email. Even some of my friends experienced that problem and i think it happens with yahoo and rediff email addresses.


    I have already mentioned many times on this blog that you can study C language and Java before joining.

  23. Unknown  

    hello chintan,dis is gautam ,my doj is 6th sep .i am from electronic and telecomm branch.i want to continue in telecomm field .but i dnt hve telecom job right now but if i somehow get it in future so i want to ask is infy training will be useful 4 me in telecom.

  24. Chintan Patel  


    I dont think Infosys training experience will help you if you choose telecom field and your job does not involve programming.

  25. Unknown  

    Hi All
    How much all of you know about one person whose name is Maneesh Innani and who came to India in 2001 and started working with Indian company after staying six years in United States… Did Indian guys really copy his resume and deprived him of his famous HONDA CIVIC CAR which he possessed in 1995-2001 career in BOSTON… Did lot of Indian guys came to know about application architecture and technical architecture. Infosys was 30000 consultants in 2001 and now become 100000 in 2010. Maneesh Innani loves USA and its Privacy and appreciates Senators’ struggle to lead people for better life…. Do you realize that? Maneesh Innani lost 1 crore of wealth for USA and India people last 8 years…
    Maneesh Innani

  26. Chintan Patel  


    What is your point in tell all this here?

    I see you have posted the same comment elsewhere on the internet also.

    If you yourself are Maneesh Innani, why do you refer to yourself as a 3rd person in your comments?

    If you lost 1 crore, it was due to your decision and not India's. Stop blaming india and infosys for your loss. Indians dont need to copy the resume of someone who is as poor in grammar as you. I dont understand how you conclude that Indians deprived you of Honda Civic car which is one of the cheapest cars in US but you boast about it like it was a Ferrari.

  27. manoj  

    i got selected in i have a backlog....will ther be any problem if its not cleared within joining date

  28. Chintan Patel  


    If you clear within joining date, you wont face any problem.

  29. Joseph  

    Dear Mr Patel,
    I have the following queries:

    1. Do i have to pay the bond money if i leave during the training period?
    2. Do i have to pay bond money if i leave after the training period but before being posted to a project?
    3.If i fail(perhaps deliberately) my stream training after passing the generic, would Infosys give me a certification for generic or at least a document saying i was an employee for whatever duration i was an employee?
    4. What is the bond money i have to pay if i want to leave after entire training?
    This doubt is present in my mind because some people have mentioned that the bond comes into effect only after the training period is successfully completed.
    Kind regards.

  30. Chintan Patel  


    If you abscond during training, they might ask you to pay the bond but again, just to give you a general insight into IT industry that you will know after 2 yrs:

    1. No company forces employees to pay the bond if you abscond but they will not give you the experience certificate. They might ask you to pay the bond but they will not sue you in court if you dont pay. Its up to you whether you succumb to the pressure or not.

    2. If your skill set is in demand in the market, the new company will not care about your absconding and will still hire you.

    3. Infosys surely will blacklist your NSR card in my opinion which may count as a negative point for you to get a job at companies affiliated with NSR.

    At any point that you fail in training, they will give you an experience certificate which you mention but there is no "training certificate" which aspirants often refer to.

    Bond money really depends on a lot of factors and they will only pursue you in extreme cases.

    For you the bond is effective from the day you join but for Infosys, your bond will only start from when you complete the training. You may call it unfair if you want but during training, you are under probation and your probation period completes only when you pass training.

  31. Joseph  

    Dear Mr Patel:

    This is that i have understood,correct me if i am wrong:

    1. If i just want to get training at infosys i can just disappear after training and it would be unlikely i would have to pay bond money. However a career in IT may be jeopardized.

    2. If i flunk the exams at a later stage of the training i get booted out with an experience certificate and don't have to pay bond. This sounds like the smartest option to me.

    3.Another Question: When i join infosys would they keep any of my important original certificates with them like 10th,12th mark sheets etc?

  32. Chintan Patel  


    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. No, they will not keep it with themselves. They will verify it and give you back the same day.

  33. pragnya  

    hi chintan!!..i got placed in infosys..after a month they have mailed to our college that selected students need to have campus connect program it the new rules???..will they filter the students who dont clear campus connect training??

  34. Chintan Patel  


    Campus Connect was always there and it is not a new rule. It is just for your own betterment and they will not eliminate anyone based on that. But i highly recommend attending Campus Connect as its syllabus is the same as Infosys training in mysore.

  35. Unknown  

    hai... i'm Janani from coimbatore, tamil nadu... im pursuing my final yr BCA... i got selected in infosys technologies last month. ie jan 23, 2011. stil i dint receive any offer letter thro mail.. im very afraid... pls lemme know wil i receive the offer letter? n when..? wat wil b my DOJ???

  36. Chintan Patel  


    Already told many times that it can take even 6-12 months to come so dont worry. It will surely come one day but dont count days for it.

    You DOJ can be anything from July to March.

  37. Unknown  

    how many members the batch consist of during the training?

  38. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys usually calls 1000 people in one batch and one class usually has 100 trainees but there are classrooms with a capacity of 200 people also.

  39. rama krishnan  

    Hai sir,
    I am Ramakrishnan N.S.
    I had recruited for infosys training in mysore in a campus interview held at vickram college of engineering, Madurai.
    I am doing my final year B.Sc in ANJAC sivaksi.
    I am from sattur, TamilNadu.
    Following are my questions:
    1. As per the instructions of my selection committe members, i am going to submit my 5th sem marksheet to one of the selection committe member. When i got my offer letter?
    2. will i got immediate reply from that selection committe member?

  40. Chintan Patel  


    I dont understand why you need to submit your marksheet to some selection committee member. Maybe i dont understand what you want to convey.

    I dont know what that "selection committee member" does so cant tell anything.

  41. rama krishnan  

    hai chintan sir,

    Sorry for the inconvenience sir.
    Here "selection committie members" means the person who conducted interview to us.
    They only told to send our marksheets to one of their mail-id.
    I think this is enough to you to understand my question.

  42. Chintan Patel  


    Do you mean people from Infosys? I think they always check marksheet before sending you to the personal interview round. Anyways, if they have told you to send a copy of your marksheets to them, you shud do that.

  43. rama krishnan  

    thank you chinton sir,
    but i want to know when they call us

  44. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered. Search for it. Repeated questions will not be answered.

  45. rahul  

    hi chintan!i am rahul,a eee student.i got selected in infosys on 10 jan.i read ur blog,its really helpful...please tell me we should learn core java or advanced java for infy training?please reply....

  46. Chintan Patel  


    Just core java will be enough.

  47. Unknown  

    hii chintan...
    i have read most of the questions u hav answered but u hav'nt told abt d syllabus during d if u dont have any problem to reveal d syllabus please let me knw,so dat i can b well prepared before going to d training and can do much better after going der..

  48. You C Guide.....  

    Nice Blog..Too Helpful For Aspiring Infoscions..

    Got placed with Infy on 25th March 2011

    Infy has always been my dream company..But I am wooried about the eliminations during training...

    I have an offer with Sasken Technologies too..
    Which one do u suggest me keeping in view the rate of elimination during training..

  49. Chintan Patel  


    I do have mentioned the subjects included in training. Just search for "SDM UID" from the search box and you will get some results.

    Syllabus keeps changing a bit every year and i dont have the latest information.

    You can try searching for training syllabus on net elsewhere.

    @Creative Touch...

    Ok, so tell me what is the rate of elimination in training at Infosys? And also tell me the source from which you got the information.

  50. Knowledge Hub...!!!  

    hello sir..,
    Im Praveena. i have just completed my btech and i was placed in some other company, not in infosys. but i have a great interest to work in infosys. so ll u please give me suggestions to get placed in infosys..

  51. Chintan Patel  


    Just apply at Infosys. I dont have any magical secret which will help you with that. The thing is, they get thousands of job applications everyday and so if you are not selected in campus interview, it is difficult to get into Infosys if you apply as a fresher.

  52. pragnya  

    Hi chintan..i have done a mistake while writing my email id..i want to send a mail to u pls tell me what are the thongs that i should be mentioning in that mail so that they can get to know its me only??

  53. Knowledge Hub...!!!  

    Thanq sir for ur response. i have no chance of getting in to infosys in the campus interview as it does'nt visit our clg. but anyway i ll try to get in to it soon..

  54. You C Guide.....  

    My source ur blog: the second comment...Ur reply..

  55. Chintan Patel  

    @Creative Touch...

    I read that comment but i dont know what you are asking here.

  56. rahul  

    hey chintan i got my doj as 19 dec,do infy people prepone dis date or its fynal??
    plz reply.

  57. Chintan Patel  


    I have not heard of a single instance of Infosys preponing someone's DOJ so that will not be possible. As far as i know, it is only possible to postpone and not prepone the DOJ.

  58. Krishna  

    i gave interview at Infosys on 19th August,at Infosys BPO office,JP Nagar Bangalore. in a website it was mentioned that commerce students are eligible for accounting test,Im a fresher, but there was no such accounting test...Although i have got selected i wanted to know which process i will have to work,like accounting,non voice or voice..?
    I want to work for accounting and finance process..

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