A trainee at Infosys Mysore DC committed suicide on Wednesday, 14th April 2009.

The reasons quoted for the suicide is reportedly failing in 3 modules of generic training which brought him to the edge of being ousted from the company.

It is for the second time in the last 6 months that a trainee at Infosys Mysore has taken the dreadful step. The first incident occurred in the first week of October. While the reason for the earlier suicide remains unknown, the reason in this one clearly seems to be fear of losing the job.

It is apparent that as in the previous suicide case, in this case too Infosys deliberately tried to suppress the news.

Reportedly, Infosys has toughened rules for training and have made the tests more difficult which leads to a higher number of trainees having to leave the company before being confirmed employees of the company. This means that the actual layoff number of 2100 reported by Infosys is much higher if you consider the rate at which trainees are made to leave due to recession.

One more important thing to note is that on one hand, Infosys says that it will honour the 18000 campus offers made for the graduates passing out in 2009 to put up a good face in the public eye but on the other hand, it makes sure that only the required number of employees stay at the end of training.

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  1. Unknown  

    Dear Sir,

    In the name of skill if Infosys kills asizeable amount of trainee Engineers , authority should be punished immediately by the Govt. of INDIA.

    Any Company private or public sector undertaking have no right to kill and/or force to leave a concern after prolonged aptitude tests , personal interview along with specified simple percentage calculations.

    If so then your management is a worthless category, those who are sitting over there to judge a student , whether he or she is capable to cope up your trining course. And for that particular reason the only COMPANY , I think in the world is forced to kill herself or himself, and/or forced to leave the CONCERN, isobviously PUNISHABLE offence in the eye of law and Govt. of INDIA , MINISTRY of H.R. should take immediate action against the AUTHORITY, so that no further incidence happend in future.

    After offering letters to join INFOSYS Tech Ltd. no one should be axed by any meanse.

    Hon'ble Mr. NARAYAN MURTHY should look after the matter and take action against the shameful incidence.

    Yours truly,


  2. Chintan Patel  


    Infosys does not kill anyone... About 50 people every year commit suicide at IITs so does that mean that IITs should be closed??

    There would have been some steps taken if the boy who committed suicide blamed the infosys training for it. But in his suicide note, he clearly mentioned that noone except himself is responsible for it. So if he did not blame the company, we too cannot.

  3. raju  

    chintan ur absolutely correct so many people are being trained in infy but only a minute percentage are taking tis step. so it is not the company responsibility......

  4. Prathyusha Pinapaka  
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  5. Prathyusha Pinapaka  

    Ahem! new news.. Following the death of the employee, infy has now enforced new regulations..gec's will close at midnight sharp on weekdays and at 10 pm on weekends. How this is supposed to help im not sure. Because people now have lesser time than ever to prepare for the exams. They re in class til 6 15 pm. And now they cant afford to go their rooms and rest for a while since labs close at 12

  6. Chintan Patel  


    That rule is just another cost cutting measure and it is not "Following the death of the employee"..

    This wont help ofcourse.. But you cant beat them at coming up with stupid cost cutting measures like these... Dear Mr. CEO said in a speech for our batch that "investments in training will not have any effect due to recession.. " But you can forget that he ever said anything like that.

  7. Cijo Thomas  

    This suicide happened just 4 floors above my room! :D:D

  8. Chintan Patel  


    hmmm .. that was close. :D..

    In the previous case i had a friend who knew that girl. Rooms were 37/108 and 110.

  9. Unknown  

    Its a choice of an individual. No one can be blamed, but yes Infosys can be a tad more lenient cos its become a well known fact that infosys training is too too tough.

  10. Prateek  

    are all the candidates selected for training sent to mysore campus or somewhere else?

  11. Prateek  

    are the tests conducted for trainees @ infi subjective or objective?

  12. Prateek  

    what is the duration of training for IT guys?

  13. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, everyone is sent to mysore now as there is enough capacity now. If you get SAP as your stream, you may be moved to hyderabad.

    All tests are objective and may include hands on exam.

    Training duration is between 6-8 months for all.

  14. Unknown  

    mr.chintan..its not infosys fault that people are committing suicide...but it is their fault that they try to keep these things down.what kind of human values are these?so much undue pressure has to be relaesed somewhere.how is the cmpny helping in doing that?there is something known as mercy,ampathy and sympathy still existing in this world.

  15. Mahendar Reddy  

    If we dont have skill in a certain area, instead of struggling 2 settle in that area, it's better to shift to the area of our talent. Then we can succeed. am i rite ??

  16. Anonymous  

    i myself,was an infoscion and got sacked for those fucking criterions.....ine thing to say,may be u will be stunned.....commiting suicide in mysore campus,today have become a very frequent matter,its weekly now....believe me,its true...i,myself have experienced that!!!!

  17. Chintan Patel  


    Those fucking criterions are in place to make sure only those people pass who they feel are deserving enough to continue with their company.

    I am only stunned that you can make such false statements just because you are venting out your frustration for not being with Infosys anymore. I took a day to reply to this because i chatted with my friends in training, E&R, .NET support and PLES at Mysore to verify if what you are saying is true but it turns out that you are just venting out.

    If you say you yourself have experienced that, please provide the details of the incidences. I expect at least 10 as you would have been with infosys for atleast 10 weeks.

  18. ramya  

    I totally agree with what Chintan says.Infosys is not running a charitable trust to offer jobs to everyone who are not worth it.The company expects growth from every rupee it pays to the employee and when most of the employees seem to succeed why do we need to blame the training and the policies of Infosys??

    A fellow infoscion

  19. Anonymous  

    General thought:

    When majority of the people are able to cope up with the system, it justifies the system. So Infosys or any other organizations for that matter are not responsible for any individual's suicide. Instead the blame according to me is on the person and his/her family for not supporting rightly rather adding more pressure to their life.

    Doubt forwarded to people concerned about human values:
    > Why send people to an organization if you are not satisfied with their rules (money?)
    > Why question the rules only at job institutions and not at primary schooling, where all of us are let to pass every subject leniently. (Is it due to laziness, kindness or partiality of staffs for not making sure every child learns to their best? Or that of parents for not spending much time to teach them)
    Note: there are still many (majority) backward people (all castes) who are neither not qualified nor wealthy enough to support their children in education. Why not fight for common justice and why fight only for your issues.
    > Also why adapt to a culture where every student is compelled to pass every subject at high school
    > A person good at science, math but bad at history still gets detained. A person good with language but bad with physical examination is treated inferior at certain places and many more small issues that add ups to great failures in future.
    > Majority people still don't have proper language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). But run their shows purely on their talent (confidence, manipulation, etc.).

    Conclusion: In my opinion a permanent solution to these problems can be found only when the root cause is terminated.

  20. Unknown  

    The point is not blaming infosys, but they should be transparent about the happenings, they should not hide to public. So people can make their own choice to take Training from Infosys or not.

  21. Unknown  

    hello sir...
    1:do infy pospone the doj(m nt asking about xtension asked by us)on their own after giving us the doj???as it is written in the offer letter that they cn change the doj....

    2:at present what is the tenure of training for non cs/it students??????

    3:if our doj is 16 dec then the salary will be credited on 1jan or 1feb???

    November 24, 2010 6:56 PM

  22. Chintan Patel  


    1. Yes, they can postpone the DOJ at their will but they rarely do it.

    2. Training duration is 4 months for non-CS-IT students.

    3. In that case, salary will be credited on 1st Feb because you are joining after 15th December.

  23. dass rocks  

    I have just completed my training(in FINACLE) in Infosys Mysore. My hometown is TamilNadu and i have posted in Hyderabad....Is there any possibility of transfer(as I needed) from Hyderabad DC to Mysore/Chennai within the span of 1 year....?

  24. Chintan Patel  

    @Dass rocks...

    No, i think as you would have already been told if you inquired with HR, transfer within 1 year is not so possible. However, if you keep trying and if an opportunity becomes available, you can get the transfer. Otherwise try swapping with someone if it is still possible.

  25. dass rocks  

    Thanks for your replies...Unfortunately i cant swap now...Anyway will try...Thanks again

  26. Unknown  

    I got placed in infosys by of campus in pune my joining date is 14 feb . I heard that training of infy is too tough ..so let me knw ...what prepration wil b useful for me before joining as i m from non it/cs stream .

  27. Chintan Patel  


    If you are a fresher, you can try learning C language and Java before joining. I would actually call training not so tough but its just hyped up. You just dont need to take training for granted and everything will be fine if you put in sincere hardwork.

  28. Fara  

    hey i got placed in infosys on campus interview! am from chennai.i jus want to kno if de trainin is reeli dat difficult ! i neva knew suicides r so common der :s dis is gettin me to worry now! am a cse student.. how ll de trainin process go about? i jus want it to go smooth wid no failures! can u plz help me out wid it? n i also wanted to kno abt de pay package n how much ll be deducted for food and accomodation? n de trainin is for 6 months or more? n after de interview ll i be given de option to choose de place? plz do reply to all my queries!

  29. Unknown  

    thanks.your suggestion has helped me a lot & now i'm prepared to join infy.

    While registering for nsr if i doesn't mention about infy and choose the option"Registering at my own ",will it create any problem for me from infy side? someone told me that it will be better for me to choose that option as if i've to leave infy(flunking the tests) and join other company within 1-2 months.

  30. Chintan Patel  


    Dont worry so much. Its not very difficult. Infact just passing is very easy. Just be sincere and work hard and you will pass. Dont procrastinate.

    Expenses, in hand salary, training duration, posting after training etc are all detailed elsewhere on this blog. Please search for that using site search above.


    Yes, you can choose that option in NSR. It will not create any problem at Infosys.

  31. shahid fazal  

    Hello Chintan,
    I am Mohammad Shahid from Nagpur........I got placed at infosys recently in college recruitment drive......I wanted to ask what is the training period for a Computer Science recruit........Also I have heard that many trainees are told to leave after training........is that true.........If true can you please tell me what percentage of trainees are told to leave and how many of them are given offer letters annually on an Average.
    Your reply is awaited and will be appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance.....
    Mohammad Shahid

  32. shahid fazal  

    And Chintan few more questions.........
    1)I got placed in one more company named Persistent........which according to you will be worth joining Infosys or Persistent?

    2)I have heard that Infosys training is of great value.........can it happen that you get trained at Infosys.....but due to some reasons company tells you to leave.....then is it possible for one to try his luck in another company and show his Infosys training certificate.........I mean can Infosys training certificate help when we go for interviews in other companies.
    please Do reply......i am in dire need of an ADVICE
    Again Thanks in advance

  33. Chintan Patel  


    Training period is of 3-4 months for CS recruit. You need to score 4 out of 5 CGPA. You wont be asked to leave if you can do that. Only about 10% of people fail in training.

    Persistent has no comparison with Infosys.

    Yes, Infosys training can help you get a new job if you fail in training at mysore.

    Please read all posts and their answers before posting a question. I will not answer repeated questions again.

  34. shahid fazal  

    Chintan Bhai Sorry for the inconvenience caused.One last question that is worrying me and My friends,
    Some people have told me that if a person fails in Infosys training,he is not awarded Training Certificate at the end of Training.......Can you please clear my doubt about this.Please tell whether all trainees(pass or fail) get the training certificate.

  35. Unknown  

    i think only 10% of candidates are not able to clear the training & its purely due to negligence

    So have patience during training & believe in hardluck

  36. shahid fazal  

    Hello,I have downloaded some Infosys training Material.......It has pdfs on many topics like::: 1.) Computer Hardware and System Software Concepts
    2.) Relational Database Management
    3.) System Development Methodology,,etc.
    But it is for the year 2004.I wanted to ask whether every year Infosys gives the same training material or is it different for each year.

  37. Chintan Patel  


    Agree with what Akshay says.

    What Infosys gives is an experience certificate and not "training certificate" that almost everyone calls it. It will mention the duration for which you worked with Infosys and your salary. You will surely get it if you fail in training because i myself got one.

    2004 is very old because the training syllabus does change a bit every year so try searching for new slides.

  38. shahid fazal  

    OK Chintan..........One final question
    Now that it is clear that a trainee atleast gets an experience certificate,is it safe for a fresher like me to get started with his software career in Infosys.....I mean can job security be assured for an Infosys trainee.
    Answer this one and I swear I won't disturb you again......already I have taken a lot of your time........Please do reply.........and Thanks a ton for replying to the questions I asked uptill now.

  39. Chintan Patel  


    There is always job security for talented people and no job security for dumb and lazy people. I dont know why there is such a hype that there is no job security at Infosys but there is nothing like that. Just keep putting in your efforts for the company and no one will be able to fire you.

  40. Unknown  

    Hello,I am a new Infosys recruit,I am from CS branch,I will be going for training in June/July.I wanted to ask whether the trainees get paid monthly during their 4 month training or are they paid their 4-month salary at the end of their Training.

  41. Chintan Patel  


    You get paid monthly during training.

  42. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan,thanks for the last reply.
    I have been told that a trainee gets 15,000 rupees a month.So,does Infosys provide trainees with food as well,because I know that they provide for accomodation.Will the food be provided by Infosys or the trainees have to make arrangement for food from this 15000?

  43. Chintan Patel  


    All this is already answered. Please use site search above to find it. I will not answer repeated questions.

  44. rakesh  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  45. rakesh  


    hello chintan bhai.. this is RAWKEY. ive got selected for INFY on dec 7th 2010. we were told that our package would be 3.25 lac pa(i.e 27000 pm). i just wanted to know what salary we would receive per month after all deductions(for food accomodation and all) for a trainee like me.

  46. Chintan Patel  


    Please read other posts and comments before posting a question.

    I dont have exact idea about the in hand salary because the hostel rates and other expenses increase a bit every year. My guess would be around 17-19 k Rs per month in hand during training at Infosys, Mysore.

  47. Unknown  

    Hello Chintan Sir..I have two questions:-

    1.Does infy allow us to bring our own computer systems?

    2.Are we allowed to take a long leave for about 10 days in between the training period?

  48. Chintan Patel  


    1. No. You cannot take your computer there.

    2. 10 days leave is difficult to get. And there is a rule that you will have to continue training in another batch in the future from where you left off if you take more than 5 days leave.

  49. soldier  

    Hello chintan..
    1.i wanna know about the dress code in infosys..pls answer this ques...

  50. Chintan Patel  


    Already answered. Use site search above to find the answer.

  51. Unknown  

    One more ques for u Chintan Sir:

    M a guitarist..so can i bring my electric guitar wid the amplifier..i mean am i allowed to have this stuff in my hostel room?

  52. Chintan Patel  


    Yes, you are allowed to bring a guitar. I have seen others bring it when i was there.

  53. Unknown  

    Hi Chintan...

    Rite now i am doing MCA and in my final sem(6th)...i have been placed at infy through campus and i vl b leaving for mysore by the end of this month probably.If i get a backlog in the 5th sem then what vl b the scenario?...I mean can i join fter clearing that paper?

  54. Chintan Patel  


    You will have to clear that paper before you join. You will have to apply for an extension if you need to do that. Your new DOJ will be within 6 months of your original DOJ so you will have to make sure you clear your paper before that. Otherwise your offer will be cancelled.

  55. Unknown  

    if i get to know that i have a backlog during the time of training then vl i b kicked out at the middle of that??

  56. Chintan Patel  


    Firstly, you can only join after you have got all your results and they check each and every result to see if you have any backlog or not. So if you have a backlog, apply for extension beforehand. If they find out there that you have a backlog, you will be sent home and made to join in a later date when you have cleared your backlog.

  57. Nisha Pandey  

    Hi. Im currently in BE Electronics. Infosys is visiting our campus on 11th of Jan. I jus wanted to know how difficult it is for a non CS/IT student to join in the IT industry. Also, i got rejected by TCS yesterday and im very much let down. Suggest me whether i shud go for Infy..
    Also, being a girl do i have a chance of getting placed in mumbai after the training period.

  58. Chintan Patel  


    Its only slightly more difficult than CS-IT students. Dont worry about you being from non-CS/IT. I know people who scored more than 4.95 out of 5 who were not from CS/IT and passing is far easier.

    You should definitely go for Infy. It will be a great experience for you.

    Infosys does not have a development center in Mumbai but they have one in Pune. So the closest you can wish for is Pune.

  59. Nisha Pandey  

    Hey Chintan, I got placed in Infosys..!
    And thank u for guiding me..Wipro is coming tomorrow..lets see..
    N i must say u r doing a great job!!

  60. Chintan Patel  


    Thank you and congratulations. :)

    Dont worry if you dont get into Wipro as Infosys is the best to start your career. If you do get selected, dont come back asking which company to join because i will surely say Infosys.

  61. Unknown  

    i’ve done mainframe certification course..so will it be considered during my training…is there any option for us to opt for mainframe while in 2nd phase..pls let me know..

  62. Chintan Patel  


    It will not be considered during training and you cannot choose your stream.

  63. Unknown  

    Hi chintan
    I want to ask a small ques that i hav gap after graduation so shud i need to submit any certificate regarding this...i mean sum kind of affidate like...???
    plz do help me...thanks in advance!!!

  64. Chintan Patel  


    No need to submit anything about the gap. It is fine. I had a friend at Infosys who had a gap after 12th.

  65. Unknown  

    hey hi chintan,
    i'm really thankful for your guidance.
    I'm final year MCA student, i got selected in infosys.
    I have some questions-
    1.Is there any programming test of c and java? If yes then how much weightage to the prog test and objectives separatally?
    2.If i will not clear the prog test then what will happen?
    my prog skills are not good, my interest in database and i'm gud in that.
    i'm get tensed pls reply.

  66. Chintan Patel  


    1. There are modules including C language and Java which will be explained in detail to you in the first week of induction programme at Infosys mysore.

    2. The exit criteria will also be explained to you in the induction programme. You have to score 4 out of 5 CGPA to continue with Infosys. You will be asked to leave if your CGPA at the end of training is not 4.

    Do not get tensed about training. There is enough time to study everything there itself even if you dont know anything about programming.

  67. Unknown  

    Thanks chintan...:)

  68. Unknown  

    Is it mandatory to submit passport while joining? or v can submit in the middle or even end of the training too??

  69. Chintan Patel  


    You dont have to "submit" the passport. They just want a copy of it.

    You can do it during training and they are not so strict about it but i would recommend getting a passport as early as you can so that you dont miss out on any onsite opportunities because of it.

  70. Unknown  

    I heard that in 2009, out 0f 18000, only 6000 were taken after training.Is that true??
    In the posts, i read only 10% of people can't clear training..But just want to confirm...Please do reply

  71. Chintan Patel  


    Most things are just hearsay and dont believe everyone who has something to say about Infosys. However, if you want to confirm, you can look at Infosys' quarterly results on their website which also includes their gross employee addition and net employee addition for every quarter. I will still stick to the 10% number.

  72. Deepak Sharma  

    sir i need to ask that my colg was campusconnected bt due to some reasons i was not able to attend that program
    it will really affect my trainng??????????

  73. Abhinav Ranjan  


  74. Deepak Sharma  


  75. Deepak Sharma  

    frm your posts i found dat there will be 3 stages of test,,, we need to maintain 85% in each test ????????
    kindly replyy

  76. Deepak Sharma  

    1 more query sir

    hw muc salary v will get in hand aftr all suitable deductions

  77. Jose  

    Can u please give me description about Operations Executive job at infosys... What is the nature of job...?

  78. Muthuganeshkumar S  

    Chintan patel sir,
    I got selected in infosys my doj is oct-17 , My designation is operation executive. Sir i want to know that passport is compulsory during the training period....pls reply me sir

  79. Chintan Patel  


    CC is just for your own good. Dont worry if you missed it. Doesnt matter for them.

    Hey man, where did i mention 85%?

    I think about 14k during training.


    Many people have asked this question to me but i dont know the answer.

    @Muthuganeshkumar S

    Its better to get passport because you may miss an onsite opportunity if you dont have a passport.

  80. vishal kumar  

    chintan sir.............
    u r doing a great job......
    sir i m selected in infosys in campus placement on 12 sep 2011
    and i have some queries

    1. i m a mechanical engineer and know nothing about programming. so will they include me in the programming field or some else??

    2. probability of mechanical engineer to clear the trg in infosys..but i dnt know even abc of programming

    3. joining is very late ,,,,,,as my b.tech ends in may2012 andd joining is in jan 2013....with a gap of 6 months

    waiting for ur answers.........pls reply

  81. Chintan Patel  


    1. You are recruited as a potential software engineer only and so you should not hope to get into something related to your core branch although there is a very slight chance of that happening.

    2. Training is easy if you work hard and are sincere. It will become tough if you procrastinate. I have not felt that the branch from which the candidate is makes much difference. Even BSc physics people have scored 5/5 CGPA.

    3. What query do you have here?

  82. Shweta Singh  

    HI Chintan,

    Can you please let me know that is it wise to select students from streams that is not relevant to Programming and then train them for something they have not choose in their career, and then expect them to pass it with good credentials... Are these guys clarifying it to the candidates accepting infosys offers that they will be posted for something that might be not of their interest or background???

  83. Chintan Patel  


    When a student appears for Infosys campus interview, they all know what Infosys does. So when a student from other branches gets selected in Infosys, it is because it was his choice to work at Infosys.

    In addition to this, Infosys gives a presentation about what they do in pre-placement talk before conducting campus interview.

  84. Unknown  






  85. PK  

    hello sir my date of joining is oct 6 2014, in offer letter they specified abt medical claim policy, whether my parents also come under that health policy or just me , my spouse and my childrens? i did some mistakes in online application form bt after selection i told helpdesk abt the same then i mailed to offer@infosys"dnt remember exact mail" and nw all details are proper , whether this will affect ? plz reply waiting for ur response

  86. Unknown  

    Hello Friends,
    Came across this article just few weeks back.
    I am stunned to see the people outrageously reaction on this news.

    Let me be clear, I was with INFOSYS for past 3.5 years including the training and all.
    INFOSYS is a private organisation which values talent. When the company releases the offer letter, it's clearly mentioned that " The Candidate is subjected to attend a 4-6 months rigorous training schedule. Failing to qualify this will result in termination of the offer."
    The same is conveyed in the very first session One attends at INFOSYS. Even a 5-8 days period is there to accept the company's bond.
    Assuming all ADULTS who have their conscience intact join INFOSYS, they very well know the pros and cons for their action.
    Subjected to this if anyone fails to pass any TESTS, the company do give 2nd chance to them and another one.
    If one cannot qualify in these number of attempts, its an indication HE/SHE is not suitable for the task.
    If one is persuasive, he/she can clear the modules, if not it's an eye-opener for them to pursue another career.
    Not able to make decisions on one's own behalf, not able to accept the reality, not trying hard enough, taking everything for granted and end up committing suicide - INFOSYS can't be blamed for it.
    At 21 people have aspirations and should have one, but one should try to achieve them and not rely on some firm to give it to them or achieve it for them.
    So please don't act like morons (considering all of you people mentioned here are literate if not scholars).

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